WIFI Full Form? | Complete information about Wi-Fi Meaning -WIFI?

WIFI Full Form? | Complete information about Wi-Fi Meaning -WIFI?


WIFI Full Form? with full definition of WIFI

Friends, many of you must have heard about WIFI and have enjoyed internet services like WIFI in many places like railway malls at the airport on railway platforms or in many big places, even your mobile. Wifi will also be used by. Have you ever thought that finally WIFI Full Form Kya Hai? So today you will be informed everything related to Wi-Fi in simple language and will be told about Wifi.

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Complete information about Wi-Fi Meaning -WIFI?

There are many different ways to run the Internet, the Internet is run in different ways and one of them is WIFI. We use a lot of WiFi and use the Internet. Today we tell you some important information about WiFi and also give you information about WIFI Ka Full Form.

 Full Form of WiFi?

Nowadays internet has become very important, if internet services are stopped for some time then there is a lot of problem, with this we use a lot of facilities like wifi. Have you ever wanted to know about wifi in detail. After all, when WI-FI Meaning and WIFI started, you give all the information in simple language at the right place.

WIFI Full Form in computer

First of all, let us tell you about the Wifi ki full form that ultimately WIFI Meaning means WIFI Ka Full Form Kya Hai? Full Form of WIFI-Wireless Fidelity

Wi-Wireless Fi-fidelity: 

Now you must have known about the Wi-Fi full form and now you will also want to know what WIFI Full Form WIFI is called, although WIFI is known as Wireless Fidelity. Is and is not known by any name. But you can also call it internet running without wire.

WiFi was first invented in 1997–1998 by a company called WIFI Aliens, but this is not believed to be correct, while WiFi was invented by John O’Sullivan although at CSIRO company he worked with one of his team They made some changes to increase the speed of WiFi and they released their first version 802.11 protocol which had a speed of 2 Mbps.


full form WIFI in computer? WIFI Full Form

You may have acquired some information about WiFi, but now we also tell you about some of its general information. WiFi uses radio waves to provide network connection through which it provides internet facility to you. Are a wireless network.

Like other wireless connections, Wi-Fi is a wireless connection. It is built on the platform of the Wireless Fidelity Standard that allows for different communication, including items such as digital devices, access points, and hardware. There is no need to make a wireless network possible without cable and reach you.

wifi full form: How does the Internet run?


Akshar office requires more internet at other big places in the house, in this case people are able to take advantage of the internet using a router through the internet cable coming from the ISP which has a WIFI connection and all the devices like it Laptops, mobiles, printers, tablets, etc. are easily connected.

WIFI Full Form
WIFI Full Form

Nowadays usage of WIFI has become common everywhere you will get to see WiFi. WiFi radio provides network through web. WIFI makes it a kind of hotspot, then it connects to all the WiFi that comes in its range. Through this, you are able to access the internet at high speed. The term comes from wireless fidelity but it is not true. It is said to be a trademark phrase which means IEEE 802.1.

Types of WIFI?

Friends may have come to know about WIFI ka Full Form i.e. WIFI Meaning and some general information. But now let us tell you about the type of WIFI, there are mainly three types of Wi-Fi.

WIFI Full Form Types?

WAN- Wireless wide area network LAN-Virus Local Area Network
PAN- Wireless personal area network (Wireless personal area network)

Friends, you must have known everything about WIFI that WIFI Full Form? What is the full form of WIFI? And what is the general information of WiFi, if you like this information, then you must share your social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp with different groups and your colleagues so that they too can get maximum information about WiFi. Wifi Meaning & WiFi Full Form Kya Hai.

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