How to know WhatsApp fake messages | Careful! If this message has come on WhatsApp | then you can get caught in a lot of trouble

WhatsApp fake messages are the most used app for instant

For this reason, fraudsters also use this app the most to fraud. In this list, a fraudulent message is being shared on WhatsApp on the occasion of International Women’s Day. According to this message, on the occasion of Women’s Day, footwear manufacturer Adidas Free is giving shoes.

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how to avoid the affair of WhatsApp fake messages

Messages with such fake offers are forwarded on WhatsApp and whose claims have no truth. By trapping their users, they have to gather information and harm them. That is why if you have also got a message to buy free Adidas shoes, then either ignore or delete that message.
WhatsApp fake messages
In this message of WhatsApp, a link is being shared with the messages associated with Adidas, which will be sent to a third-party page as soon as you click on it. In this WhatsApp fake messages, it is written that on the occasion of Women’s Day, 1 million pairs are giving shoes.
There are other things to note as well, such as the URL in which ‘Adidas’ spellings are written ‘Adidass’. Which is written wrong spelling.

WhatsApp fake messages link opens which says “Congratulations!”

Clicking on the link opens a page that says “Congratulations!” You have a chance to get free shoes provided by Adidas for Women’s Day. A pair of Adidas shoes will also be seen on the page. At the top of the page, Adidas’ logo menu, search option and shopping bag button will appear. But these buttons are not clickable. So avoid clicking on all these free messages. Because most such messages are made by hackers.