What is WWW? | world wide web full meaning | www full form and 5 benefits | Who invented the WWW and when?

What is WWW? | world wide web full meaning | www full form and 5 benefits | Who invented the WWW and when?

what is www full form world wide web

Latest article what is www, Do you want to know about the WWW (World Wide Web), then stay with this post, as we all know that the role of the Internet has become the first place in the development of this modern digital world.

what is website

Even the person swimming in the corner can easily achieve success. If we want to get any information through the Internet, then for that you have to go to a main website and if we look at any website, then in the beginning of almost every website we see WWW. Only then the URL of that website is written.

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That is, it means that the role of WWW is important to be associated with any website. So here we got facilities like WWW, who gave us what is WWW? In this article today, we are going to provide information about all these things, so let’s start.

what is www
what is www

What is WWW (World Wide Web)?

WWW (World Wide Web) is a system of Internet Server that supports Hypertext to use multiple Internet Protocols on the same interface. All the information on the Internet is in the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) page, which contains Image, Text, Audio, Video and other content which is Stored on a Web Server. These contents are accessed with the help of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) Web.

WWW can also consider an Internet service that connects multiple web servers in a system. Whenever we use www before a website, we should assume that this website is connected to the server of the World Wide Web. . We also know www by the name of W3 as well as many people also know it as Triple Dablue.

What is WWW Full Form?

The full form of WWW is “World Wide Web”. And it is also called “World Wide Web / Worldwide Wave“.

Who invented the WWW and when?

The WWW (worldwide wave) was invented by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 AD while working at the Geneva Switzerland Land European Nuclear Laboratory CERN.

In the WWW they developed, they could incorporate graphics, video and sound with other members living in other countries to communicate with them.

WWW was also launched out of research, which was put on external use in 1991, three years after the invention of the W3. Team Berners Lee created the world’s first website https // www.info.cern.ch with which WWW was associated You can get all the information. Then on 30 April 1993 CERN put the World Wide Web software into the public domain.

what is www
what is www

What is the function of WWW?

The advent of www on the internet has connected the world to each other with the link of www to the internet. When we go to any website to solve a problem and use Web Browser to view the web page, then with the help of a web browser, any web page, multimedia, photos, videos, on the internet can be accessed via http Information etc. is transferred and published by the web server.

That is, Hypertext Documents consist of text, sound, image, graphic etc. and www are a group of such Hyper Text Documents and all of them are interlinked.

All the information in www is kept under one website and these websites are seen as Hypertext File on any web server. Here www work is to give any websites a special name for their identity on the web server which starts with www.

How did WWW start?

WWW began as a result of Information Management’s proposal thinking. Team Berners Lee first served as an Inter fellow at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, in 1984, all of the computers in the laboratory, all of which contained data in a sequential manner. Because there were so many computers in the lab which had different types of information on different computers, Team Berners Lee had a lot of problem while storing all the data in one place every day and he felt tired.

what is www information?

Team Berners Lee thought that something should be done so that all this Information’s and data’s could be stored in one place and instead of collecting it from here and there again, they could keep all the things in one place.

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It was because of this invention that Team Berners Lee prepared a proposal for which he prepared a research paper named Information Management a Proposal and referred to all the information and all the databases, software in the name WEB and connected the internet and hypertext And the image, files, documents were all based on the mouse click. As a result, the communication system became very simple and thus became the first WWW.

Again in 1990, Team Berners Lee, along with his friend, created a World Wide Web Hypertext project, also put his second proposal in front of CERN, through this project, the information and information in the Internet could be viewed through the browser, in which they included URLs, HTML. , Focused on HTTP resulting in the creation of a web server and browser in 1990. And Team Berners Lee was also credited with writing the fundamentals of the URL, http, html and was declared the creator of WWW.

Definition of WWW (World Wide Web)

Whenever we open a website in our Web Browser, we have to write its URL i.e. the address of the website. The address of any website i.e. Web Address is divided into four parts-

For example – http://www.website.com

If we look at the address of the website given above, then it has to be divided into four parts, which is the following –

http: // – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol which works to fetch files from web server to web browser.

www- World Wide Web which performs the task of connecting Hypertext Document on the server to the Web.

Website- It is also known as Domain through which the website is identified.
.com – This is the path of the website that determines the location and type of any website. There are many types of domain paths which are given below.

Domain Path Information
.com Useful websites all over the world
.in Useful website for India only
.org website of an organization or organization
.gov website of a government institution
.edu website of any educational institution
.info website stored with different types of information

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