OTP Full Form | What is the full form of OTP? | Benefits of OTP one time password Full information

OTP Full Form | What is the full form of OTP? | Benefits of OTP one time password  Full information

What is OTP? Information of OTP Full Form

In today’s modern world, most people are doing any work online at home, during which you get to hear a word like OTP (One Time Password) Do you know what is OTP? And what is OTP Full Form? In today’s article, we are going to talk about OTP (One Time Password) which we use for our personal data and security.

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Full form of OTP

This One Time Password helps a lot in keeping our data secure in today’s Internet world, so today, no one is free to do all their tasks like Mobile Recharge, Online Transaction or Shopping etc. through online.

So let’s start and know what is OTP? And why is OTP used? : –
What is OTP? full form OTP?

OTP is a Security Code which is usually made up of 6 or 8 digits, this code is generated once for a Transaction and it can also be used only once and the time frame for using it Also occurs. That is, a password that is generated for use with One Time only.

This OTP Code is used for verification during any type of Transaction like Online Shopping, Mobile Recharge, Billing, Paying Money etc. or while accessing any website or web page.
Apart from this, if we create our new account on a website, then OTP code is used to verify the mobile number or email ID. This code proves to be very important and useful in terms of security.

OTP Full Form

OTP Full Form – is “One Time Password” and it is called “One time security code” in Hindi. Now you must have understood the OTP Full Form.

OTP Full Form
OTP Full Form

Why use OTP? for safety  

OTP is a type of Safety and Security Code that protects us from hackers from leaking our Personal Detail, Bank Details, Google Account Detail, Net Banking Account Details, because OTP password is generated only once in a task. Which is received only on users’ mobile or email. Thus making online transactions more convenient and secure. Also protects against cybercrime.

OTP is used for Online Transactions for Social Networking for Internet Banking for logging on E-Commerce Websites. OTP protects big companies from Cyber ​​Crime.

In what form do OTPs receive?: OTP Full Form

If we talk about the type of OTP i.e. OTP then it is mainly of 3 types, in which there are types of Messaging, Voice Messaging and Email. Most of the messaging OTPs are used for verification,

Whenever you do a Bank Related Transaction or use Debit Card / Credit Card to do online transaction, then OTP with most messaging is used only for verification in which an OTP is registered on the Mobile Number registered in the Bank Account.

With this, a message is sent which otp direct goes directly to the account owner and only when the owner tells that OTP will the transaction be successful, due to this process no other person will be able to transact from your account without your will.

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Sometimes this process is completed through Voice Call, which is called Voice OTP, in this you will get a call in which a 6 or 8 digit OTP Code will be told by entering which you can complete the verification. Apart from this, on a website such as Facebook, Twitter or any other website, when creating a new account, the email is asked and the OTP is sent to your email for email verification, which you need to open your email and enter that OTP Is verified.

How often does OTP code generate? OTP Full Form

The OTP Code is unique for every Transaction i.e. for every Transaction it is generated only once which is completely new and the time limit is fixed with this code, you can use that code within that fixed time limit. It is possible that the OTP expires after the time limit.

That is, every time we do an online transaction, each time a different code will be generated, this makes our account secure every time.

Where is the use of OTP called? OTP Full Form

OTP is used for login on the website, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. while creating an account, etc. OTP is used for other tasks.

In today’s time, the use of OTP is Net Banking, Online Transactions,

The highest is happening in the areas of Shoping, Mobile Recharge and Google Accounting. Google has also started using OTP Code for the safety of users. That is, after entering OTP, other users cannot login to any user’s account without entering OTP. So now all e-commerce websites like: – Flipcart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Digital Wallet Private Companies (Paytm, Free Recharge, Phone Pay) etc. also provide security to customers using OTP.


Advantages of OTP – One Time Password: OTP Full Form

In today’s modern era, very Cyber ​​Crime is available to see or hear. Ober-assisted Cyber ​​Crime or fraud can be avoided.

With the help of OTP, the real user is easily identified, which means that no other person can access the information of another person.

When we do any type of transaction online with our bank account, the bank takes proof of reality by sending OTP bank direct to the registered mobile of the account holder to get the identity and permission of its real account holder so that the account holder account is completely Becomes safe from With the help of OTP, you can protect your social account like Facebook, Twitter, Email etc. with two step Verification so that no unnecessary person can enter your social media account.

The special thing about OTP is also that it is completely free, but for OTP, it does not cost even a rupee of a user.

Disadvantages of OTP:OTP Full Form

On one side we get O.T.P. (One Time Password) has benefits, on the other hand, it also has disadvantages. Let us know what are the disadvantages of OTP – Due to not being in the mobile pass, due to OTP, we are not able to do many tasks in many places.

There are many websites where we need OTP to change our User Id and Password, we cannot change our password on time due to not being in mobile hands in AC condition.
If we have forgotten the password of an account, then we also need OTP to reset it, which we cannot do without OTP Code.

Many times fake number is also used to get OTP, due to which we are not able to identify the reality of the right user.

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