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Victorius is a Santa Monica, CA-based startup that is “inspired by the challenge of empowering and uniting the world’s most creative communities.”

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I don’t watch YouTube a lot, but I do occasionally go to Bings. Most people who are “YouTube popular” hack me, but I have a favorite. He’s a food reviewer … he does “reviews on youtube … you’ve never known such a nice man …” I have no idea why I prefer to watch a high school kid review packaged snacks I do Either way, YouTube stars like The Food Reviewer (with 17k followers yet not sure if she is a star) should do everything they can to take advantage of her fame. There it is Victorious Come inside. They a Santa Monica, CA. A startup that is “inspired by the power and challenge of uniting the world’s most creative communities.” In other words, they help digital stars build their own platforms so they can make the most of the attention they receive.

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One of my favorite articles about online content is called digital sharing. The bottom line is that you lose a lot of control when you start publishing content on other people’s sites. Often they make more money from your hands than you do. Victoria wants to end this phenomenon by giving creators their own app and digital platform to reach out to fans. Victorias’ website doesn’t provide that much information yet, so you can read this TechCrunch article to better understand the business. The ultimate goal is not to replace sites like YouTube and Instagram but instead to provide creators with a better way to capture the value they create. If it sounds interesting, visit Victorias’ career page. He is currently hiring a designer, a Platform Operations and Support Associate, a JavaScript UI developer and a software engineer – Test.
He also has some more senior positions on the business side. If you don’t see anything that suits you, use their general interest app.

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