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Utilidata is a Providence, RI-based company that helps make electric utilities more efficient “through the use of new data extraction and digital processing technologies.”

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It is easy to consider electricity as normal. When we plug something in, it works normally. If that doesn’t happen, it’s probably not a problem with the outlet (although I’ve had it happen). Our electric system has been good for almost a century, which is why it is so reliable. However, it still needs a lot of innovation to keep it up to date. There it is Utility Come inside. They a Providence, RI Based company that “values ​​utilities and large energy users by improving operational decisions through the use of new data extraction and digital processing technologies.” We all know that measurement is usually the first step to improvement, and that’s why Utilidata uses data to optimize energy efficiency.

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It’s funny. We all use electricity, but very few of us have an understanding of how utilities generate and deliver electricity. That is starting to change as more and more students become interested in energy efficiency and other green industries. You can read Utilidata’s product under the name AdaptiVolt. While Utilidata focuses on serving utilities, its offerings also have clear benefits for energy customers. If you find the “real-time, data-driven approach” interesting to help solve some of the utility industry’s biggest challenges, check out Utilidata’s career page with their latest job postings in the latehand sidebar.

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