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The IHS is an Arlington, VA-based organization that “promotes a free society by exploring and facilitating the development of people interested in freedom.”

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While the United States cannot hold a patent on independence, I am sure we have a trademark. Freedom and independence is a big part of our national identity, although the nation, by definition, imposes limits on freedom. Where do political differences usually arise – how much and what kind of freedom should be limited? People at Institute for Human Studies Probably not much and not many. They are one Arlington, VA Based organization (located at George Mason University) that “promotes an independent society by exploring and facilitating the development of talented, productive students, scholars and other intellectuals interested in independence.”

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In 1961, Dr. F.A. The organization was founded by “Baldy” Harper. He believes that “more understanding of human affairs and freedoms will promote peace, prosperity and social harmony. Research and education. IHS sees more freedom – not more regulation – as the best solution to many of the world’s problems. That’s why they spend more than $ 1 million annually.” Scholarships while also giving seminars and conferences along with online programs.If you love freedom and are looking for a career in ideas, check out the IHS Jobs page.Now they are looking for a development collaborator and graphic designer.

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