How to avoid stones in gallbladder | pain in the middle part of the stomach | symptoms of gallstones in gallbladder | do not eat too much fat and fried things

symptoms of gallstones

Experts say gallbladder stones have an increased risk of cancer. Therefore, do not be negligent if you have stones in this part. Dr. Mayank Madan, a bariatric surgeon at CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram, says that many times its symptoms are not seen, so patients leave the treatment in between.
symptoms of gallstones
Do not be negligent in such cases. Know, what are the symptoms of appendicitis in the gallbladder and get alerted and how to avoid it….

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What is the symptoms of gallstones in the cheek bladder?

The exact cause of the gallstone has not been known yet. Experts believe that when the cholesterol or bilirubin in the gallbladder becomes too high, stones are formed here.

Which factors increase the symptoms of gallstones

Experts say that obesity, hormonal imbalance, diabetes and high cholesterol levels in the body increase the risk of gallbladder stones. Apart from this, the risk increases even after the age of 40 years. Most of its cases are reported in women. Rapid weight loss also increases the risk of having gallstones.

These signs indicate stones in symptoms of gallstones

The gallbladder shows no symptoms when there is small stones. Symptoms begin to appear as it grows in size. Its symptoms are mostly seen with dinner. Flatulence, anorexia, vomiting, pain in the middle part of the stomach, this pain spreads to the right side of the stomach and towards the shoulders. Slowly the pain increases.
Experts say, when the situation is severe, sweating, chills, high fever, jaundice and feces resemble clay.

These 6 things will save you from getting stones in the gallbladder

Avoid eating excess fat and fried foods.
Include fiber items in the diet, such as oatmeal.
Avoid eating caffeine and more sweet things. Such as tea-coffee and sweets.
Avoid eating more food together. Divide it into small pieces and eat it so that it can be easily digested.
Whatever the weather, drink at least 6-8 glasses of water throughout the day.
To control your weight, do a 45-minute workout every day.

symptoms of gallstones
symptoms of gallstones

Does lemonade reduce the size of stones?

Many people say that lemonade reduces the size of stones, how true is this? Dr. Mayank Madan says, there is no evidence to prove that lemonade affects cheek stones. Doctors recommend removing stones from laparoscopic surgery if symptoms appear.
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