Summer Diet for weight loss | If you want to avoid diseases in summer | then include these things in the diet.

Summer Diet for weight loss

Summer Diet for weight loss


New Delhi: With the rise in temperature, the heat has started to heat up. In the summer season, heat stroke ie heat stroke, dehydration (lack of water in the body), jaundice, sun burn, acidity and indigestion, food poisoning, typhoid are the most common diseases.

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Also, as soon as summer comes, ice cream, cold drink, cold water with ice, balls – I like to eat all these things.

But you have to stay away from them, otherwise your health can get worse (Bad for health).

Change Summer Diet for weight loss

The best way to avoid falling ill during the summer season is to keep your body cool from inside (Keeping your body cool). For this, you should make a slight change in your food and drink. So definitely include these foods in your diet.


Summer Diet for weight loss

1. Watermelon- use Summer Diet for weight loss

Watermelon is the best summer fruit because it contains 92 to 93 percent water. This is such a fruit that you do not feel thirsty after eating and there is no shortage of water in the body. Watermelon keeps the body cool from inside.

2. Tomato- Summer Diet for weight loss

Tomato rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and lycopene is beneficial for your skin as well as overall health.

Tomato also protects skin from sunlight damage. If you want, you can eat tomatoes in salad, raita, sandwiches in any form.

3. Mango Panna- Summer Diet for weight loss

The summer season is not only of ripe sweet mangoes but also of raw and sour mangoes so that you can make and drink them. Aam Panna helps in avoiding sunstroke.

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4. Vine syrup- Summer Diet for weight loss

Just like raw mangoes, vine can also be helpful in preventing sunstroke. Bel Sharbat is also considered very beneficial during the summer season.

5. Buttermilk -Summer Diet for weight loss

The balance of electrolytes in the body deteriorates due to excessive sweating in the summer season. Buttermilk contains salt and water in addition to yogurt, which helps in maintaining the balance of electrolytes in the body. So a glass of buttermilk gives you energy in summer and also saves you from fatigue.

(Note: Always consult a specialist or doctor before taking any remedy. Zee News does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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