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Sprout Social is a Chicago, IL-based company that offers a “Management and Engagement Platform for Social Business.”

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Social media is a waste of time for most of us. It’s silly entertainment that fills the gaps in our days. But for some it is a job. The mobile app just won’t do for them. They need power tools to manage all their social media accounts, and that’s fine Sprout Social Offered. They a Chicago, IL Based company that offers “Management and Engagement Platform for Social Business”. Sprout Social’s software provides all the tools you may need to engage with customers, publish content, and analyze the effectiveness of social marketing. This type of platform is a must have for any company that takes social seriously.

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Social media marketing may seem cheap, but it can quickly become expensive. I’m not even talking about buying advertising – it’s a massive investment to do social rights. Sprout Social helps ensure that time is used effectively and businesses are able to measure results. You can learn everything about Sprout Social Features here. Brands including Dove, UPS, Hyatt, Yahoo !, and Cornell University are using Sprout Social, so it’s for serious social media management. If you find the social media business interesting, check out the Sprout Social Careers page with their latest job postings in the lefthand sidebar.

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