Corona eliminate by ‘poison’: American scientist making corona vaccine with python’s ‘poison’| 7 know why and how it will protect against virus7


scientist making corona vaccine with python know why and how it will protect against the virus

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Scientists making corona vaccine with python – American researchers are preparing a corona vaccine with python poison. He claims that ‘squalene’, a substance found in pythons, develops powerful immunity.
The World Health Organization (WHO) says this substance is safe. America’s Global Research and Discovery Group is famous for finding new medicines on brain diseases. Researchers Dustin Crum and Daryl Thompson of the same group are working on the vaccine.

3500 doses of vaccine will be prepared from 10 foot python

Scientists say, 3500 doses of vaccine can be prepared from squalene extracted from a 10-foot python. Researchers are also trying to make artificial squalene to avoid controversies, but so far have not been successful. Therefore, the vaccine is being prepared by python poison.

scientist making corona vaccine with python: Influenza vaccine was also used in 1997

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), squalene was first used in the making of the influenza vaccine in 1997. During that time, 2.2 crore doses of vaccine were prepared. However, squalene has not been used in Pfizer’s covid vaccine currently being offered. A Pfizer spokesperson says we did not use squalene in the coronavirus vaccine. Nor have things been taken from humans or animals.

Why the poison of the dragon? scientist making corona vaccine with python

According to the scientific order, squalene is a substance that looks like oil. This shark is also found in fish livers, but removing it from fish can cause controversy. Therefore Burmese pythons are being used to extract it.
Stephanie Brendil, executive director of Shark Alies, an organization that conserves fish, says it is not good to get something from animals that are already small in number.

How long will the epidemic last? scientist making corona vaccine with python

If shark is used for this, then it will definitely be in large numbers. We do not want to stop the production of the vaccine, but it is important to find another alternative to squalene derived from sharks.
According to the scientific sequence, many medicinal properties are found in snake venom. For thousands of years, python has been used to prepare medicines. We are also using pythons because they are growing rapidly in some parts of the US and hunting and killing animals.