How to live long life reduce the risk of diseases? | Is it possible for humans to live longer? | If you want live long life without disease

Reduce the risk of diseases – Is it possible for humans to live longer?

American scientists have described the secret of long life. According to the scientists, if you want a long life, then include 160 grams of fruits and 240 grams of vegetables daily. If you follow such routine for 5 days in a week, then the effect is visible.

How to live long life Reduce the risk of diseases ?

Research conducted on 2 million people worldwide has proved that those who made this change in food have reduced the risk of death. Research says, fruits and vegetables increase the lifespan and reduce the risk of diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Reduce the risk of diseases- Do not take starchy items like potatoes and corn

There are also some vegetables that are not very beneficial for health, such as potatoes, corn, says Public Research in the Circular Shane, the flagship journal of the American Heart Association. It contains more starch, which cannot be included in fruits and vegetables which are more beneficial.
Reduce the risk of diseases
For the past 20 years, on the advice of the World Health Organization, the UK health agency National Health Services has been giving this message to keep people healthy. Asking people to include fruits and vegetables in the diet and reduce sugar-fat.

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Reduce the risk of diseases Only 1 person in every 10 is eating enough fruits and vegetables

According to the US Health Agency CDC, only 1 in 10 people in America is eating enough fruits and vegetables. At the same time, only 17 percent of the population in Britain is adopting such a diet routine. Scientists say, the number of healthy dieters is low. If diseases are to be reduced and long life is required then the quantity of fruits and vegetables will have to increase in the plate.

Add these things to the diet live long life Reduce the risk of diseases

According to research, include leafy vegetables like spinach, bathua and carrots in the diet. In addition, fruits with vitamin-C, such as oranges, show more seasonal effects. Scientists say, if you eat fruits directly instead of taking their juice, then the lack of fiber will also be fulfilled. Blood sugar can be directly increased in the form of juice, so eat only as usual.