PUBG mobile game New Battle Royal Game available, know what will be special in it

New state now the next twist in PUBG mobile game
Users will see a lot of drone building and hovering on the ground.
PUBG mobile game

Dynamic Gunplay, Combat Rolls PUBG mobile game

When coming back to India again about the PUBG Mobile game, a lot of outrage comes to the fore. It was once said that the game will be reintroduced at the beginning of this year, while now the work is going on that it will be brought in June.
Now whether or not this game will come to India, nothing can be said clearly on this. Now, this game will be the next twist of the new state smash-hit Battle Royal game PUBG Mobile. This new mode is set as 2051, in which users will see a lot of drone building and hovering on the ground. It includes new dynamic gunplay, large 8x8km long open world with Combat Rolls and Shanda graphics.
Now the game’s developer company, Krafton, has listed the game on the Google Play store, with a long release note to introduce the game. PUBG: New State is the official name of PUBG Mobile 2. A few days ago it was leaked that PUBG Mobile 2 is about to be launched. It is currently available with pre-registration for Android phones and Apple App Store.
According to the addition of PUBG: New State on the Google Play Store, the new game has more than 100 players who will fight until they are in the game of 1 player or 1 team. In the new game, Blue Zone will reduce more and more rapidly, forcing players to use weapons, vehicles and the means used. In this game the title named Lone Survivor will be given to the player or team that will remain in the game till the end. PUBG: A new map will be found in New State which will be installed in 2051.

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PUBG: New State will be based on survival of next generation. By this, developers mean that players must collect a variety of devices and weapons, including drones and combat rolls, to stay in the game. Talking about Classic and Arcade modes, players will find many vehicles in the open world 8×8 km.
In this, players will be able to customize their guns more. Using guns in the game will feel more real and spectacular. With the help of Ultra Realistic Graphics powered by Global Illumination Technology, this type of new graphical elements will be benefited. With In Generation’s mobile graphics, PUBG: New State will provide a full battle royal experience.

PUBG will be able to play in India: New State

PUBG: It is too early to say anything whether New State will be able to play in India or not. There is no information about whether the game’s developer company will introduce PUBG: New State in India. With the listing of this game on the Google Play store, it is clear that users in India are expected to get a pass to play.
Soon PUBG Mobile will now become an old generation game which is banned in India. Now it will be quite surprising to see whether the central government gives some information on launching PUBG: New State in India or not.