New Technology Treating Scorched Face Now With 3D Printed Mask | How This Mask Works And How Long It Is To Apply

New Technology Treating Scorched Face Now

In Gaza Patti, a scorched face is being treated with a 3D printed mask. This mask also disguises and cures wounds. With these masks, the scorched face of 8-year-old Maram and his mother Izdihar Al Amawi is being repaired. A year ago, there was a fire in the Palestinian Refugee Camp due to gas leaks. The incident killed 25 people and injured dozens. Maram and Izdihar were also injured during this period.


This is how the mask works: New Technology Treating Scorched

In Gaza City, a charity group called Doctors Without Borders is treating patients injured in arson with a 3D mask. This mask creates pressure on the face and works to repair the skin, says Firaj Surego, Head of Physiotherapy, who is treating.
The patient’s face is measured with the help of a 3D scanner before treatment. According to this measurement, the mask is made so that it can fit easily on the face and create pressure.

Have to wear for 6 months to 1 year: New Technology Treating Scorched

This mask has to be worn from 6 months to 1 year, depending on the condition of the patient. This can be adjusted with the help of a strap attached to the mask. The project to treat masks began in April 2020. In Gaza, 20 people are being treated with this mask. The campaign has also been launched in Jordan and Haiti.

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I was afraid that people would laugh: New Technology Treating Scorched

8-year-old Maram says, the mask has improved the burnt portion of the face. I was afraid that when I go out after planting it, people will laugh at me. I wore it and returned home after finishing classes. Maram wears masks for 8 hours a day and his mother Ijdihar 16 hours. She removes it while eating food. Sleeps wearing a second mask at night. There are also special gloves for the hands that she wears daily.
New Technology Treating Scorched

The family refused to see the face: New Technology Treating Scorched

The incident was shocking, says Izdihar. We were waiting for a taxi after shopping, when a sudden accident happened. There was fire everywhere. Me and daughter stayed in the hospital for two months. Several operations took place. Now my wounds have healed to a great extent. The reason for this is the mask.
“My family members refused to see the face after the incident,” says Izdihar. I saw my face 50 days after the operation. Doctors told us that in two to three years, the spots will be eradicated gradually.
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