New education policy 2021: training in vocational education will start from junior classes

New education policy: changes education 2021

To increase interest in vocational education, students will be trained only from basic education. Students of class six to eight will have to work as electricians, carpenters or as trainees of a professional craftsman.
This experience will be given in 10 days school-free period in schools. . This provision has been made in the new education policy to give experience of their work.

Training in vocational education New education policy 2021

The local community and the state will have to mapping such skills according to the local needs. Training will be imparted to the need in that area.
For example, with pottery manufacture, carpentry, metal work, gardening, artists, etc., students will have to work as apprentices. All schools will have one period without school.

vocational subjects from class six to 12.

Apart from this, opportunities can be provided for understanding vocational subjects from class six to 12. These courses can also be online. Various types of arts, quizzes, sports and professional handicrafts will be encouraged by fixing such bedless days throughout the year.
New education policy
Handicraft related subjects of vocational education in the UP board start from class 11. In class 9-10, education, retail, security, health and health services, IT are taught in alternative education, but in class 11 there are many vocational education subjects in which youth can start their own work.