Migraine also causes neck pain, do not ignore the 5 signs from the doctor

Migraine also causes neck pain We all have a problem of headache at some time, but whether this headache is normal or migraine, it is very important to identify it because migraine is a neurological disease which is not treated in time. This can become a serious problem. Generally, migraine causes pain in half of the head and at the same time there is a feeling of vomiting and nausea. But the pain of migraine is not limited only to the head but can also reach the rest of the body.

Light and voice sensitivity Migraine also causes neck pain

We spoke to Sameer Malhotra, a doctor at Max Hospital, Delhi, about the pain of migraine. Dr. Sameer told us, ‘Some people have phonophobia in the pain of migraine, that is, they feel irritable after hearing a loud voice. These voices can be normal sounds of traffic, sounds coming from kitchens, doors opening or closing. So at the same time, some migraine patients have photophobia, that is, sensitivity to light. Bright or bright light causes discomfort in the eyes.

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Migraine also causes neck Pain in face and jaw also
Dr. Sameer further explains that due to migraine many times, there can be pain in the face and jaw as well. The reason for this is that there is a vein coming from the brain towards the face which is called the trigeminal nerve. When the pain due to migraine starts affecting this vein, then along with headache, some people also get pain in face and jaw.
Neck pain due to migraine also causes neck pain
Migraine patients may also have neck pain. About 40 to 42 percent of patients who have migraine attack also feel neck pain. Sometimes the pain in the neck can also be a sign that you are going to start having migraine pain. Neck pain starts in 80 percent of cases with the remaining symptoms of migraine- photophobia, nausea, headache. But in some patients, neck pain starts shortly before the rest of the symptoms of migraine starts and neck pain persists even after the rest of the symptoms are cured.
These things can also trigger a Migraine also causes neck pain
According to Dr. Sameer, many times the pain of Migraine also causes neck pain is caused by eating things like eggs, citrus fruits, caffeine, dairy products, alcohol, things with a sharp smell, due to a sudden change in the weather or due to excessive stress. It can also trigger. Therefore, it is important to find out what is causing your migraine so that you can prevent migraine attack by avoiding those things.
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