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Manny Pacquiao Releases Movie Against Asian Hate Crimes

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Eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao has executive produced a film to raise awareness of Asian hate crimes titled “Zeus.” Written, directed and produced by Chris Soriano, who also plays the lead actor, the goal of the film is to show unity through the sport of boxing.

Endorsement from Manny Pacquiao: https://fb.watch/601dAEL3Pk/

The story centers on the world middleweight champion who loses his mother to COVID-19 and ends up challenging an Asian-American boxer (Zeus) to punish in the ring. Zeus meets a neighborhood boxing legend, Coach Green, who decides to take Zeus under his wing and teach him fighting tactics through the dangerous streets of Los Angeles.

Soriano began filming during the pandemic and incorporated actual hate crimes that happened to Asian Americans into his film. Soriano felt the need to tell this story in hopes that it would shed light on how the country could deal with racism towards minorities. Its objective is to promote peace. The film’s lead co-actor is an African American named Coach Green. Soriano hopes this film shows unity with the journey both characters go through.

Pacquiao and Soriano are scheduled to appear together in the United States in the next few weeks. Soriano is conducting private screenings of the film to various non-profit organizations that support unity and peace. Information about the screening will be posted on www.ZeusTheMovie.com



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