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Lua is an NYC-based company that “needs people to get jobs and information by empowering the mobile workforce.”

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If there is any kind of skill that is required in all kinds of jobs, its ability to communicate effectively. While communication is a skill that can certainly be taught and developed, it is very easy to nurture when you are using the right tools. That is why work communication tools have always been a big business. Some of the latest trends have been in the form of project management and online chat tools. But what about tools for job seekers who may need something like a walkie-talkie? Those jobs may have changed a bit with cell phones and text messaging, but there is more room for technology. Because of that Lua Was established in 2010. They a New York, NY Based company that “focuses on empowering the mobile workforce so that they can give people access to information and get the information they need to get work done from the field or office.”

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Lua is named for the 2,000-year-old Hawaiian martial art. Warriors “train in the dark of night, developing a form of silent communication during battle that allows them to move as one.” Lua is trying to recreate that form of communication with their mobile messaging app. While you might think iMessage or text messages are good enough, Lua stands out with a rich feature set that focuses on security, privacy and enterprise compatibility. It may not be the latest biggest chat app that all teens are using, but it helps people do real work more effectively. If it sounds interesting, check out Luana’s Jobs page. He is currently looking for a full-stack engineer, marketing and business development intern and visual designer.

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