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The Juvenile Law Center is a Philly-based organization that “plays a leading role in shaping and enforcing the law on behalf of children in child welfare and justice systems.”

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None of you have seen the movie North? Roger Ebert said, “North is a bad movie – one of the worst movies ever made” (and Siskell agreed). I honestly admit I liked it. It’s about a child who sues his parents so he can be a free agent and potential new parents try to attract him. I think a lot of people disliked the film so much that the main character North has an exceptionally good life અને and this highlights the fact that there are many real-life kids who can actually use legal help. Get out of really terrible situations. Fortunately, there is a real life organization to help them. It’s called Juvenile Law Center. They a Philadelphia, PA Based nonprofit that “plays a leadership role at the national level and in Pennsylvania and shapes and uses laws on behalf of children in child welfare and justice systems to promote justice, prevent harm, secure access to appropriate services and ensure smooth transition From adolescence to adulthood. ”

Justice for teenagers

Most of the children served by the Juvenile Law Center are between the ages of 10 and 21 – where you have to bear some responsibility for your actions but you are not yet an adult. These children aim to enforce and promote their rights and well-being “when exposed to justice, child welfare and other public systems.” That’s why JLC’s current initiatives include minimizing court and systems involvement, promoting fairness in court, improving outcomes for court-involved youth, and ensuring access to services and opportunities. JLC has detailed information of the lawsuit that they are participating on behalf of the children. If standing up for children in distress seems like a rewarding job to you, visit JLC’s Careers page. He is currently looking for a Communications and Marketing Associate and a Development Associate.

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