Internet full form | What is the internet and Meaning? | What is the Full Form of Internet? | Internet benefits for you

Internet full form | What is the internet and Meaning? | What is the Full Form of Internet? | Internet benefits for you

Internet full form 

Today’s present era is the era of information technology and revolution, a new information culture has developed all over the world today, we all use the Internet in every field on a large scale. Today we will know what is internet? How it works, in fact, the Internet is a means of information technology through which information is converted into digital images and sent and received from one place to another via any communication line.

What is OTP? Information of OTP Full Form

About Internet Definition

That is why today the Internet has become the voice of the world. The popularity of the Internet has increased much faster than television and radio. In different countries of the world, the Internet is changing in the language style of the same. Therefore, in which areas the Internet is used, it is important to understand this topic well, what is the Internet through this article? If you are going to provide information about its fullform and benefits of internet, etc., let’s start-

internet full form
internet full form

What is internet? Internet full form

The communication of two or more networks is called Internet, that is, the definition of Internet is the exchange of information by connecting two computers to each other and in this way slowly millions of computers are being connected to each other. The expansion is spread across the globe, hence it is called International Network or Internet.

That is, the Internet has also been called the world-class network of all computer networks, so the Internet is also called the Mahasamudra of information. The Internet is the supreme modern system of information technology.

हैं There are two or more computers interconnected on which information is exchanged. Internet is a network of many small networks on which crores of computers all over the world are connected. These information are received by clients, servers, through telephone lines, lease lines, cable, wireless, satellite etc.

The Internet is actually a web client server system through which the client demands information, ie the information on the Internet, and the server performs the task of providing information.

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How does Internet work? Internet full form

In the Internet, millions of computers are connected to each other. A computer is connected to the network by connecting a telephone line and a modem. Also there are many devices that connect the computer to the internet such as government data base, school and college data base, mobile, computer etc. Are sent or received from the computer to another computer.

All information is collected in a powerful active data server and is sent or received from the desired computers, thus a network of Internet networks. The internet is not basically under any government or a company as it has many government / private institutions, government / private companies and business agencies connected to it.

This whole process is connected to each other like a network called trade net or World Wide Web, all this information passes through the celestial route which is called Cyber ​​Path or Cyber ​​Space. That is, the Internet is a part of the world wide web that exists in the form of data and is stored in a powerful server and travels in the world with the help of wire or frequency.

They use standardized communication protocols to stay connected. And as soon as any data is demanded by the user, the SCP acquires that data with the help of internet protocol and presents it to us.

Thus, in the first phase of information exchange, the entire data is divided into small pieces and the server performs the task. These small pieces of information are called packages that contain Data, Source ID (the code from where the information is being provided) and Destination ID (where the information is to be delivered).

internet full form 2021
internet full form 2021

Who is the originator of internet? Internet full form

Internet creator is California University Professor Leonard Lee Clean rock who communicated in 1966 by connecting two computers and it was from here that the Internet was born that exists today as a Public Internet, so no one owns it. is.

But mainly around the world, there are only 5 data bases in the Internet, in which all kinds of data’s have been stored and the key of these five data bases is only near some 5 or 6 people if ever someone with internet There was such a big incident that if it had to be shut down, the internet could be shut down.

Internet Full Form

The full form of the Internet is “Inter Connected Network”, it is also called International Network. Internet is called Internet. It is a vast network of networks with which all types of data servers are connected.

History of Internet – Internet full form

As we mentioned, Professor Leonard Lee Clinrock of California University first communicated in 1966 by connecting two computers and this is where Internet technology was born. And with the help of the US government Advance Research Project Agency (ARPA), they are constantly trying to interact with each other so that computers in some selected places can connect and exchange information, they started getting success in this.


Then gradually in 1969, the network formed by this process came to be called ARPANET. In which the first four computers were interconnected and later developed into a world-class form of advanced Internet.

The main purpose of the invention of the Internet was to implement a special project at the US Defense Research Center under which it was intended to establish a network of communications in the event of a nuclear attack that no one other than the US Department of Defense could use at that time. But soon it crossed the boundaries of the Internet Defense Research Center and started using it for commercial and other purposes.

By 1972, 37 computers had been added, by 1973 it had expanded to England and Norway. After 1974, all the network companies of the world started investing huge amount of money in the development and expansion of the internet. In 1982, the general rule for the network was imposed. Those who were given the name of Internet Protocol, finally in 1990 Arpanet came to an end and became known as International Network, in which crores of computers started connecting with each other every day and today the Internet is making a world boom in its developed state.

Arrival of internet in India

When the American Defense Research Center laid the foundation for Arpanet, they did not even think that they are laying the foundation of the Internet, the greatest invention of information technology. He first connected California’s computers to three other computers in Utah, but 7 years later, the word Internet began to prevail in India since 1994.

In India, this service was made available for some time by Education and Research Network. After this, from 14 August 1995, this facility was made available for commercial use by Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited VSNL. At that time only 32,000 people from Delhi and adjoining areas started taking advantage of it, gradually they started taking advantage of the entire India Internet service according to their utility.

Internet full form features:

The biggest feature of the Internet is that the Internet is also called the Mahasamudra of information, it can swim in whichever corner of the sea it wants to swim, it is like an open book while the website is a chapter. Through which information is received or sent.

Today, people having internet connection can get instant information on any subject at any time. We can get any kind of information from the Internet, the deep sea of ​​information and communication, but usually it is most commonly used in some special tasks like electronic mail, search engine, important information, chat rooms, e-commerce, etc. from the Internet. People are benefiting on a large scale, so we can say that the Internet has the following characteristics

With the help of internet, new research gets knowledge about the subject of knowledge.
Can exchange information, pictures etc.

Various markets and stock markets can be monitored You can advertise your information, materials and services. Can read electronic newspapers.
In the commercial and educational sectors, the government can make its policies accessible to the public. With the facility of Internet, we can read books kept in any library and can also take out printouts.

Favorite sports, songs, music, etc. can be heard and seen.
Countries can trade from abroad. One can get educational degrees from abroad. Medical counseling can be obtained. Through internet, you can talk to your friends and relatives.

Through the Internet, we can do all the work for which we have to travel long and spend a lot of money. Today, there is no area of ​​life where internet is not being used, such as home, family, school, college, office, business, health and medicine, bank, agriculture, rural development, entertainment, astrology, art and literature etc. In this way the Internet is a boon of the modern era.

What are the requirements for internet connection?: Internet full form

There are different types of internet connection like – Fiber Connection, Cable Connection, Wireless Connection, Satellite Connection, Cellular or Mobile technology Connection etc. We have to use different devices for every connection.

But usually an internet connection requires a telephone connection, at least 486 multimedia computers, 8.8 megabytes of RAM with 28.8 or more DOT certified modem, window operating system and communication software. Can get connection. The Internet is not only a rapid system of sharing information but at the same time it is also a box of facilities that have brought the whole world together as one family on one platform.

What are the types of internet? Internet full form

The Internet is like an open book that can be read by anyone at any time. There are two types of internet –

1. Intranet full form : – Intranet is a private network which is the same network as the Internet. But intranets are used by companies to securely connect their office computers. For which it is mandatory to have a user name and password. Through this, the data is shared as private, TCP and IP technology is used for this task as well as the Internet.

But it is just a network of computers which acts as a private network, no third person can use it, only those who have Username and Password can use it.

2. Extranet full form: – Extranet is a process called the process of moving from Internet to Intranet. We can also consider this as a private network as it also connects data from one branch to another along with sharing the data among themselves. Its security is completely dependent on the Internet, but it also requires Username and ID. Even a third person cannot use it without Username and Password.

How is the internet made? Internet full form

Database is first installed to create the Internet, then the IP / TCP technology connects the Database Computer with the help of fiber cable. After that, through these fiber cables, a network is created by connecting all the big databases in the world, which creates an Internet network, it is connected to the database worldwide, after which this database is connected to the computer via Router by wire or wireless Is connected through

Advantage of Internet – Benefits of Internet

Today the Internet is being discussed very loudly every modern human is using the Internet at every step, why not be it, it is the world’s largest computer network which is why today the Internet is an integral part of human life and its many Advantages –

We can send or receive any information or information from one place to another in seconds through the Internet sitting at home. Today, through the Internet, Voice Call, Video Call, Voice Message, Important Files, Document etc. can be sent or received from one place to another within a few seconds of sitting. Can pay all types of bills. On the internet, we can pay all types of bills like electricity, telephone, shopping etc. with the help of credit card or net banking.

internet full form
internet full form

Can exchange money: Internet full form

The big companies get all the marketing and communication works done by their employees through the internet at home. By shopping online, all kinds of goods can be bought or sold at good prices from home. With the help of online advertising and affiliate marketing and website, you can grow all your business and spread your business around the world.

Now, sitting at home, you can get all kinds of information such as application for jobs, education related, employment opportunities, information about religion, weather information etc.

You can earn millions through online freelancing using your skill art.

Money can be made by creating a website on the Internet, through Youtube, through Blogging, through Affiliate Marketing, and so on. Social media can connect with their friends through the Social Networking Website. Air tickets, water tickets, Railways tickets, taxi booking, bus booking etc. can all be done online through internet.

Disadvantage of Internet – Internet full form

Internet is not free Internet connection has to be spent. Therefore, the Internet should be used for the right things, but nowadays the Internet is also being misused, through the Internet, some people are also harming people by exposing exploitation, obscenity and violent images and in defaming people, such people Do not leave any stone unturned.

Many kinds of cases like fraud, theft of a person’s identity, bank detail etc., hacking, viruses etc., have to face many difficulties through the Internet, so we can say that there is some benefit from the Internet. But it is also causing some losses such as: –

Today, there are websites on the Internet that show images like pornography, exploitation, as a result of which even young children are going on the wrong path.
Some people hack the personal details of a third person through the internet and blackmail them.

Through the Internet, many private companies steal personal information and email IDs of people and send wrong emails and cheat people by fooling them. Through internet, some people spoil someone’s website through internet hacking, opening someone’s email and stealing passwords, unlocking software lock, etc. such as cybercrimes do illegal activities by committing illegal acts Users have to bear a lot of losses Internet also has its own contribution in hacking. Many cyber criminals spread viruses on the Internet. Such viruses destroy several hundred computers simultaneously.

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