10 points on importance of water | The Importance of Water in a Person′s Life | what is the importance of water

10 points on importance of water | The Importance of Water in a Person′s Life | what is the importance of water

The Importance of Water in a Person′s Life

Water is very important for humans. We cannot live for even a day without being a water bagger. We cannot survive without drinking water. Water is used not only for consumption but for a variety of activities. We cook food with water, wash clothes, bathe and every time we wash hands and feet with water.

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Water is very important for humans.

We need water regularly. We get water from sources like rivers, ponds, rain. Most of the water on Earth is found in the sea, which is saline and some is icy. We cannot use or consume these water. Drinking water on earth is only two percent. Water is a natural resource, it should be used thoughtfully. The habit of continuously misusing water and wasting it unnecessarily has made human and animal life difficult.

importance of water
importance of water

what is the importance of water

Water is not only necessary for humans but also for animals, birds and trees. Environmental water baggers can be destroyed. Nowadays, there has been a great decline in ground water, due to which there is a problem of water not only in the villages but also in the cities. Water is found in many forms on the earth such as ice, water in rivers and ponds, as liquids and in the form of vapor.

They change because of vapor. It is rainy because of these badlo. When rain occurs, the ground water level rises. Nowadays, drinking water is not available in many areas due to drought.

Importance of water clean

The amount of rain has come down significantly as compared to earlier, due to which the water source like river, pond etc. are all drying up. The main reason for this is man’s indiscriminate cutting down of forests. Forest eradication has reduced the rate of rainfall. If there are no trees, then how will it rain? The temperature of the earth is continuously increasing, due to which it is having its side effects on the environment and there is a shortage of water.

why is water important to life

Seventy percent of water permeates the human body. No water can survive without water. If this situation continues, our future generation will not get water. Pollution is increasing due to factories tomorrow. Yesterday, waste and toxins released from factories are discharged into rivers and ponds. This has created a terrible situation of water pollution for many years. Many rules have been implemented, but still the water is getting polluted, due to which people are not getting drinking water.

10 points on importance of water

importance of water
importance of water

Many types of diseases are spreading due to polluted water. Good pure water is necessary for human health. Food is digested properly by drinking water. Water removes toxins from our body. We must consume eight to ten glasses of water daily. Drinking water daily keeps us active and it always keeps us hydrated.

We should use water wisely. We should not waste water. If ever the tap is open without any reason, it should be closed immediately. People yearn for every drop of water. Use as much water as necessary. As soon as there is rain, rain water should be collected in one place. This process is called rain water harvesting.

why is water important to life

To save water, people have to plant trees. It is necessary to warn those industries and factories that water is getting polluted. Such factories should not be mixed with contaminated sewage water and rivers.

People should not throw any kind of garbage and waste things in the water. It has often been seen that people shed several liters of water to wash their trains. People must control this. We should adopt a method like plantation. More and more saplings should be planted.

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Water Pollution – Importance of water in life

The use of plastic-like items has been discontinued in many places. Such items cause water pollution. The government should make such a systematic plan in which the entire rivers are linked together. In this, in many areas where there is a problem of water, they will get water.

Many people are understanding the importance of water but also making it messy. Those people have to change their habits and thinking. In villages and towns, people take bath in the water of ponds and wash clothes etc. Due to this, the water of the ponds is getting dirty. It is important to stop people from doing this type of work.

Importance of water in Population in the world

It has become necessary to take things like proper use of water and save water to every household. The exact price of water is known by a person who walks several kilometers and brings water to the pot. The population of our country is skyrocketing. India stands second in terms of population in the world.

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The more people, the more water will be needed and the water will have to be lengthened in front of the tanker. The more people, the more water will be spent. Some states of the country have been put under the category of Dark Zone. If this continues, the underground water in those states will be exhausted after a few years.

People should use as much water as they need. Getting pure water on the earth has become a critical situation. If we all try to come together and we can emerge from this situation. People should use water thoughtfully for their daily work. There is a need to install a water meter in the homes of people by the government. This will reduce the misuse of water and people will appreciate water in the right direction.

function of water: Importance of water in life

importance of water
importance of water

Due to drinking polluted water, animals are becoming ill and dying. Polluted water is used for irrigation at some place. Due to which crops are getting diseased. People are getting sick due to consumption of these crops. It is very important to curb these things.

World Water Day is celebrated to bring awareness among people about water conservation. It is celebrated every year on 22 March. On this day people are explained about the real value of water. It is also reported that many people on earth are forced to drink dirty water. It needs to be with everyone. The importance of water is understood to students in schools and all educational institutions on this special day.

The conclusion

Water is not less than nectar for all beings. If such a situation persists, then the day is not far off that without water the whole earth will be finished. There is still time for us to conserve water and save water from getting polluted. The government of the country is making a lot of efforts on its behalf. The general public must also understand the importance of water and every person should be aware in the matter of water. It is our responsibility to save water and understand the real value of water.




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