what is importance of internet in education | Without internet, all the work in the world will stop | 5 importance

importance of internet of things
importance of internet of things

what is importance of internet? full details

Without internet, all the work in the world will stop. In today’s time, there is not a powerful communication medium like the Internet. With the help of internet, we can do our countless things.

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Through the internet, we can call and talk to our family members at any time. The Internet has made the work of all areas easier. Without the internet, we cannot even imagine our lives. The Internet has contributed to every sphere of life. In the Corona crisis, the Internet contributed to the work of many offices, money transactions and education.

importance of internet for students

An internet connection when connected with a computer proves to be more beneficial. Any kind of information can be exchanged through the Internet. Internet is the best invention ever which has changed the nature of human life.

The Internet has simplified the work of universities, schools and all institutions. Nowadays people do not have to meet outside to do their business related work. They can easily connect to the internet through video conferencing calls, Skype, Google Meet.

importance of internet of things is a boon for humans

Internet is nothing less than a boon for us. Nowadays students can get education from anywhere. This has been possible due to internet. Nowadays students can get education from any popular education institution through online education. The higher the speed of internet, the more convenience there is in working.

importance of internet of things
importance of internet of things

Nowadays, the records of any patient are easily obtained through the Internet. This helps in healing. If a doctor lives abroad, they can be consulted through the Internet. We can get any kind of information through internet.

Nowadays you don’t have to wait for newspapers and magazines to get news. Just type the journal and newspaper on Google, that page will open in front of you. You can easily read it again. If students want to know the result of their competitive exam or board etc., then they can know through internet.

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Banking related tasks have become easier through the Internet. Nowadays people use net banking to buy products. Online payments such as Google Beverage, BeverageTM, Phone Beverage etc. are used. All these payment apps are safe.

importance of internet on ecommerce shopping

In a very short time, people can sit at home and shop with the help of internet. With the help of internet banking, depositing money, money transfer, mobile recharge etc. are easily done from home. People are therefore taking full advantage of the convenience of net banking. The e-commerce business has received a lot of boost due to the Internet. The most popular e-commerce company is Flipkart and Amazon.

advantage: importance of internet

Internet is beneficial not only on computer but also by connecting with mobile. There are many apps available on mobile. Nowadays, with the help of Android mobile, everything that can be done on a computer can be done. When internet is connected to mobile, it can do many types of tasks in a pinch.

People can do business through mobile and internet. Companies have designed many special apps in mobile like shopping app to recharge and payment app etc. The task which was previously possible by computer internet, is now made easy with a click of Android Mobile. All of this is the result of the Internet.

importance of internet of social

Internet is also a medium of entertainment. Now we can listen and watch songs, serials and movies online. Social media is the most popular medium in modern times. Through this, we can convey our thoughts to the people and can connect with our friends by making various posts.

Facebook, Instagram etc. is a well-known social media app. Through internet we can play video games etc. People are doing their jobs by freelancing through the Internet. By doing many types of work online, he can earn money sitting at home.

The importance of internet of things is a great means of communication.

Through the Internet, we can send a message in a few seconds by mail. Any kind of meeting that can be done is done through internet. Whatsapp is used by millions of people. With this, sending messages, calls and video calls can be made easily. Facebook chat and video calling are also done by people.

Booking via the Internet has become easy. Earlier it was necessary to reach that place for booking. Today you can book air, rail, bus travel and hotel tickets by sitting at home online through internet.

Importance of internet of things: Side effects of internet

importance of internet of things
importance of internet of things

Nowadays people make friends through the internet. Some people nowadays share their personal things randomly and later on, crimes like back milling arise. This causes problems for many people and it creates mental tension. Internet addiction becomes more for the youth and children. This affects their studies.


His mind is always on the phone side. Children play games and watch cartoons etc. on the Internet. This adversely affects their concentration. Their focus is less on studies but more on internet video games. Many times, some stunts are seen on the internet by the children and they try to copy it.

There is always a risk of data theft on the Internet. Many companies have data theft each year. This causes a loss of crores of rupees. How to avoid data theft.

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