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how to protect your phone | 5000 mobile users in India are hovering over the threat of new malware

how to protect your phone

What if some unknown person is spying on you without your consent, looking at your pictures, reading whatever you are writing. At a glance you might feel that this is not possible. But if you think so, then let us tell you that you are thinking wrong. Because a recent report by cyber security firm has revealed that about 4,627 mobile users in India have been victims of Stalkerware.
how to protect your phone
Let us know that this malware is globally victimizing people of all countries. India ranks tenth in this list of countries affected by stalkerware. Stalkerware is a secret software that monitors the user and detects their location.
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What are stalkerware apps: how to protect your phone

Stalkerware is another type of spyware. This is a fake app. These fake apps incorrectly access user messages, call logs, location and other personal activities. According to Kaspersky there is an app named ‘Wi-Fi’ that accesses geolocation. This app is a suspicious app. Please tell that Stalkerware is not any new software. It has been present in the spyware ecosystem for many years.

How to know if your phone has Stalkerware- how to protect your phone

Smartphone users have the option to search whether their phone has Stalkerware installed. To save your phone, you have to delete the apps that you are not using anymore. If you have apps on your phone that have not been used in a month or more, it is reasonable to assume that you do not need it.
So you can delete them and reinstall it if needed. So it is always good to remove these apps as they can be spyware.
The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) of the Government of India is continuously working to secure your digital device. For this, a website named ‘Cyber ​​Sanitation Center’ has also been created. With the help of these tools botnet cleaning and malware are monitored. Botnets are used to steal data, send spam, or for other cyber attacks.


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