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 Gif pronunciation : what is the meaning?

Do you’ve seen the word “GIFs” or heard of animated GIFs before but what is GIFs and what does it do? “GIFsmost commonly means “Graphics Interchange Format”. It is an image format design that was created by a group at the bulletin board service (BBS) supplier CompuServe led by American PC researcher Steve Wilhite on 15 June 1987. GIFs are a sequence of pictures or soundless video that will loop consistently and doesn’t expect anybody to press play.



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Portable network graphics

GIFs demonstrate better stories and can be used to capture the attention of people quicker. It can alter the future of digital language and vocabulary. You can use GIFs as a part of your communication strategy. Using GIFs is similar to Emojis. At present, it has become the internet’s most beloved image format to easily express your emotion, feeling, joy, sorry, thankfulness, whatever you have inside yourselves, etc.

In today’s world of modernity, all of you have seen an extensive change in information and communication technology. Social media is constantly evolving. GIFs are moving images that have revolutionized today’s most powerful social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, Wechat, Whatsapp, etc. In today digital’s world, GIFs take social media marketing to the next level.

Different Types

Before you decide to attach GIFs on a social media post, website, and share with your friends, its better you know the different types of GIFs images because using the right one for the right situation is important. Otherwise, no one understands what you like to share them. Here some of the types GIFs are given below. Take a look at it and you can start using it in your conversation without keeping a single thought in your mind.

Good Morning GIFs

Start your day by sending beautiful Good Morning GIFs. Share with your relatives, friends to make their morning good as well.

Funny Morning Love GIFs

Make your spouse, girlfriend, or your boyfriend morning happy via sending Funny Morning Love GIFs through social networks like Facebook or via Whatsapp.

Good after Noon GIFs

Share the best Good Afternoon GIFs on social networks to say hello to everyone, whom you know well.

Good Evening GIFs

Share Good Evening GIFs to say “hello” after 6:00 PM. You can share these GIFs when you are sending it to group chat.

Flower GIFs

Flowers are the depiction of love and have a special place in a woman’s heart. Flowers will never go out of fashion. It encouraged poets for spreading joy, happiness, love, and pure intentions. Share your favorite Flower GIFs with your beloved one.


Shut up GIFs

You can use Shut up GIFs in an amazing way to help you express your feeling of anger or to say it funnily. You can use this GIFS to shut someone.

HAHAHA, shut up GIFs:

HAHAHA, shut up GIFs is used to laugh and say shut up. This gif is used to express the sarcastic way of your reaction.

Shut Your Mouth GIFs:

If you are irritated someone who is continuously talking with you and you want to shut him/her, and then use Shut Your Mouth GIFs to shut them by closing their mouth.

Sad Mood GIFs

You can use the Sad Mood GIFs to express unhappiness of yours. Varieties of GIFs are available to help you correctly express your feeling.

Love Mood GIFs

Cherish and share Love Mood GIFs in your conversation and express the right feeling in front of your loved one, crush, or friends in a simple, funny, and special way.


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Valentine Day GIFs

Guys! There’s no better method to arrest of your sweetheart’s heart than through a Valentine Day GIFs. Give her the amount you value her quality in your life.


Regardless of whether you petition Lord Rama, a passionate supporter of Guru Nanak, or trust in Jesus – all ways lead to the one most important, the Almighty. Why not use God GIFs to share some positive energy every day with your friends?!

Replay GIFs

Replay GIFs are not limited to entertainment. This style of GIFs can be useful for the advertiser who needs to share current organization news or associate a recent development to their business.

Response GIFs

Feelings are concentrated on replay with the Reaction GIFs, which is ostensibly the most famous style on social media.

Cinemagraph GIFs

Travel and style organizations incline toward the Cinemagraph GIFs in view of its expert appearance and calm tone.

Technical GIFs

Technical GIFs transform boring figures into engaging content. These types of GIFS are especially useful for marketers who want to include statistics, diagrams, or graphs for product summaries.

Perfect-Loop GIFs

The Perfect-Loop GIFs are active and busy. These GIFs consists of a seamlessly looped camcorder recording of an event.

These above are the few GIFs that you can easily download from the reputed website without paying any cost. Nothing feels stupid if your GIFs don’t coordinate the expression that you are attempting to express to anybody whom you like to share the GIFs. Worry not, you will surely understand when to send evil giggle GIFs while texting.

You can observe many more types of GIFs that are vibrant in colors that would surely dazzle the eyes and take the mind off things even for a minute. You can download some of the most famous religious Festivals GIFs include Christmas GIFs, Diwali GIFs, Holi GIFs, and Eid al-Adha GIFs, which all serve to mark out the year. You also take a view of many more GIFs such as Animals GIFs, Flower GIFs, Car GIFs, Bikes GIFs, Fish GIFs, etc.


GIFs are the most useable image format that attracts everyone. It can symbolize hundreds of emotions such as love, romance, elegance, celebration, friendship, and happiness. To create genuine connections with your neighbor, relatives, friends, son, daughter, mother, father, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, coworkers, past colleagues, or fellow alumni make use of GIFs to build stronger relationships by communicating more visually and expressively. Remember that using GIFs smartly can help you a lot in engaging with your users.

To wrap things up, GIFs will become a huge part of online communication, meaning they’ve naturally seeped into marketing. Using GIFs in marketing could also be decent thanks to strengthening your brand identity and build trust along with your audience. Simply affirm that what you’re sharing is satisfactory for your brand image, and check the origins and implications of your content.


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