FASTag – if Double money charge toll tax from FASTag, Paytm will help you get a refund

fastag double charge
fastag double charge

FASTag Paytm will help you get a refund

FASTag has been mandated to avoid long queues of vehicles at all toll plazas in the country. If you have not yet installed your vehicle FASTag, get it done as soon as possible, as you may have to pay a double the toll charge. It is mandatory in the country to impose FASTag on all vehicles except just the towers.

After coming to FASTag, people do not have to queue long at toll plazas and through automatic systems, the fixed amount is deducted from your account. In such a situation, many customers have filed complaints that more money has been deducted from their accounts. In this case, if something similar has happened to you too, then this news has brought relief for you.

In the country, the government has given work to many banks and mobile apps for FASTag. At the same time, many people are also buying FASTag through digital payment app Paytm. If more money is deducted from your account than FASTag, then Paytm Payments Bank can get your money back. On Wednesday, Paytm Payments Bank announced that it has provided a refund facility to 2.6 lakh FASTag users who had wrongly deducted money at toll plazas in 2020.

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Paytm Payments has devised a fast redressal mechanism that clams to quickly refund the excess charge by identifying the wrong deduction. FASTags ensure automatic payment for toll charges. Many times with systems and processes the toll plaza is cut more than the fixed amount.

The company said in a statement that ‘To solve the excess charge charged customers in a fast mode, Paytm Payments Bank has designed a system that fully checks the toll transactions and toll plazas of all customers. Does. Paytm Payments says it has settled 82 percent of its FASTag customers’ cases.

fastag double charge

Satish Gupta, MD and CEO of Paytm Payments Bank said, ‘We want to empower our customers to provide a simple and hassle-free travel experience on the road. In this process, we are supporting our users in every way. Any complaints they face at the toll plaza are swiftly helped. It is always our endeavor to charge the users appropriate toll every time.

In this, our team is fully alert against all types of unfair charges. Due to the new things we have included in technology and the trust of our bank, we are at the top in the issue of FASTags in the country. We are always ready to give our service to accelerate the digital platform in the country and to make the country digital.