Present Affairs (26 April 2022)

present affairs

26 April 2022

1: What’s the “World Day” just lately?

Reply – 25 April

2 : Just lately Up to date Obtained Notification of Updates?

Reply – Dr. Bina Modi

3: Just lately Prime Minister Modi has began 20000 crores?

Reply – Catastrophe

4 : Just lately to speak within the area of communication to be dangerous ?


5: Good for well being


6 : Who’s because the chairman of the youth board of UNICEF just lately?

Reply – Ashwini

7: make a mistake just lately?

Reply: Lean

8 : Just lately POSCO has anybody with IIT for what?

Reply – IIT Delhi

9: What Hilpaia has accomplished in Asian wrestling?

Reply – Silver

10: Just lately, Protection Minister Rajnath Singh addressed the veterans of the 1971 battle?



Devesh Chamyali

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