Present Affairs (25 April 2022)

present affairs

25 April 2022

1. When did the “Nationwide Panchayati Raj Day” begin lately?

Reply – 24 April

2.How lately related?

Reply – New Delhi

3.Adi Birla appointed as the newest CEO?

Reply – Visakha Mulay

4. ECOSOC is related to which nation?

North India

5. Just lately what has “RBI” accomplished for 17 lakhs however on whom?

Reply: Manappuram

6. Is the delivery of abortion adopted by the delivery of Delhi?

Reply – NTPC

7. Just lately the brand new ship “Vitality Circulate” has joined the “Indian Coast Safety Pressure”?

Reply: Bharuch

8. The Authorities of India has set a Shopping for Product Goal for 2022-23?

Reply – 328

9. Learn how to set as much as maintain wholesome?

Reply – G20

10. Just lately CBIC for Dhanalakshmi financial institution accounts and whose?

Reply: CBDT


Devesh Chamyali

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