Present Affairs (23 April 2022)

present affairs

23 April 2022

1. When was the ‘World Earth Day’ not too long ago?

22 April

2. What occurred because the Chief Minister of Delhi?

Naresh Kumar

3. Not too long ago three three ‘good metropolis, good good finances’ began?


4.Which is the primary nation to take a seat on the harmful planet?


5. From ‘Younger has been broadcast globally’ to?

Raghav Chadha

6. How has the climate been not too long ago?

Manoj Kumar Katiyar

7.The method of evaluating ‘in unstable’ in Corridor’s world?


8. Who has grow to be the Prime Minister of India?

Ajay Kumar Sood

9. Not too long ago who has been appointed to the publish of Fee?

Iqbal Singh Lalpura

10. Who’re the gamers with the Yajuvendra image?



Devesh Chamyali

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