Present Affairs ( 2 Could 2022)

present affairs

2 Could 2022

1. How has L&T labored collectively to develop inexperienced know-how?


2.Which is the primary district to cowl 100% for ABPMJAY?

Reply: Samba

3. Atmospheric Simply Night time Night time:

Reply: Vinod Rai

4. Amit Shah Celeb Scene ‘Amit Shah Ani Bhaja Pachichal’ launched?

Reply: Devendra Fadnavis

5. When did Worldwide Jazz Day go?

Reply: 30 April

6.Which is the primary state to arrange MIR?

Reply: Maharashtra

7. World Financial institution has lined 47 miles for India program?

Reply: Karma Yogi

8. Has the climate modified for Indif Applied sciences?

Reply: Rajnish Kumar

9. Google abused the well being of which state?

Reply: Telangana

10. What rewards ‘unhealthy’ air pollution

Reply: Atoll


Devesh Chamyali

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