Craigslist South Jersey | What You Need To Know About Craigslist South Jersey

What You Need to Know About Craigslist South Jersey

In addition to offering classified ads, Craigslist south jersey has forums, local community, events, and more. To learn more about a city, read our article about craigslist south jersey. We’ll cover everything from crime statistics to population numbers. We’ll also touch on the economy of the area. You’ll love it! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Craigslist South Jersey today!


If you’re looking for the most bizarre items to buy on Craigslist, look no further than South Jersey. The southern half of New Jersey is home to some of the most bizarre items you’ll ever see for sale. You might be surprised to discover that you can even purchase a rocket from the Soviet Union. Though the actual gun has since been removed for legal reasons, you can still find the strangest things on Craigslist in South Jersey.


If you live in South Jersey, you may be concerned about crime on Craigslist. While most scams occur across the country, there are some scams that are unique to the area. Here are some examples of crimes that can be committed on Craigslist in South Jersey. These crimes are usually unreported, but they are more common than you may think. Read on for some information on how to protect yourself from these scams.

Thomas Coffee allegedly used Craigslist to lure victims into his criminal scheme. The San Francisco-based company has been under fire for crimes that occur after people fall for these ads. Craigslist is a popular online classified website. Many people find jobs through the site, and you might be vulnerable if you work in the area. In this case, Craigslist South Jersey ads can lead to crimes. While robbery is a common occurrence, there are cases of people falling victim to online scams.

Crime in craigslist south jersey

While most of the crimes that occur in Craigslist are purely recreational, the presence of criminals has been found in South Jersey, where crimes are on the rise. These crimes occur in an unusual manner, and are usually one-on-one encounters. Taking these risks is never a good idea. One such case involved John Steven Burgess, who admitted to involuntary manslaughter and served part of a 5-year sentence. He claimed that he accidentally killed Donna Jou in his home and then threw her body into the ocean. Burgess was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, but has already spent several years in prison for the crime.

In another case, a victim was stabbed to death while in her car after responding to a Craigslist ad. This case involved a pre-med student and two women who had advertised for sex services. The Craigslist killer was a young man who was motivated by financial hardships. The killer eventually caught up and was sentenced to death. While he remained on the run, he continued to stalk women and stab them.

In South Jersey, a man lured a victim to a mall by posting a Craigslist ad offering an iPhone. He had extensive arrest and violent crime records. He was arrested in his Willingboro home, after a police search. In addition to murder, Thomas Coffee was also charged with a weapons offense and is accused of killing Daniel Cooke. The victim was 27 years old. The ad posted on Craigslist South Jersey attracted the attention of a victim’s family.

One case involves a college student who was lured by an ad on Craigslist. This woman was a victim of forced Craigslist prostitution. Her name has been withheld to protect her husband. The Craigslist ad was removed and the man was arrested along with his accomplice, Ty McDowell. The defendants were sentenced to jail sentences of five to six years. If you’re wondering about the safety of Craigslist, make sure you avoid it.

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