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Cheapest Android Mobile only 299 Everyone 4G mobile

Popular brand Itel, which launched entry-level smartphones at low prices, has a special offer with Bajaj Finserv to woo people and increase sales of smart 4G smartphones like Itel Vision 1, Itel Vision 1 Pro, Itel A25 Pro and Itel A48. Has announced, in which you can buy mobiles with great features and big screens for just Rs 299.

Cheapest Android Mobile – This offer is also in your city, take advantage

However, let me tell you that the price of the mobile is something else and you can buy it for Rs 299, but you will have to pay EMI for this later, on which there is no extra cost. Overall, the essence is that you take out Rs 299 from your pocket and bring itel’s mobiles home.

Cheapest Android Mobile: This offer in 1200 cities, take advantage

Itel’s mobiles can be purchased by those who have a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card for just Rs 299. This offer of ITEL and Bajaj Finserv is available in more than 1200 cities in 26 states of India and if you want to take advantage of this offer, just go to the shop with Bajaj Finserv’s EMI network card and Rs 299 and get 5-7 thousand rupees. Bring the phone home for just Rs 299.

Why did this offer come: Cheapest Android Mobile

Now let me explain here why Itel and Bajaj Finserv have withdrawn this offer and what needs to be done for it. Also, what are the schemes and what is on offer? First of all, let me tell you that only 55 percent of people in India have 4G mobile, that is, 45 percent of people have such phones, which you can call feature phones or phones that are only with 3G support.

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In such a situation, it is an attempt of ITEL that people buy a good 4G smartphone on easy installments and the initial payment of just Rs 299 and pay the rest in 6 months comfortably. Actually, 4G mobile has its many benefits, so why should people be bereft of these benefits when they have a chance?
Cheapest Android Mobile

Best Chance to Buy ITEL’s Dhansu 4G Smartphones: Cheapest Android Mobile

Offers and schemes
Now let’s talk about the offers and schemes of Itel and Bajaj Finserv, first of all, in the ‘Double Zero’ scheme, 3 GB RAM variants of Itel Vision 1, Vision 1 Pro, itel A25 Pro and itel A48 will get you processing fees of Rs 299. But then you can pay EMI for Rs 6,750, Rs 1,725 ​​as well as Rs 1,275 and Rs 1,525 EMI for 6 months.
In the ‘No-Cost EMI’ offer, itel A48, Vision 1 Pro, Vision 1 can be paid as a no-cost EMI of Rs 1,220, Rs 1,380 and Rs 1,400 along with a processing fee of Rs 299.