10 Doubts About Change A Smartphone You Should Clarify ?

10 Doubts About Change A Smartphone You Should Clarify ?

Is it right to change a smartphone every year?

Have you ever thought that the smartphone you use, no matter how expensive or cheap, its life is? If not, today’s article is based on this. We will tell you whether it is right to change the smartphone every year. There are many of us who change any phone in less than a year of use.

What is the life of a smartphone?: change a smartphone

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The main reason for this may also be the launch of an upgraded version of the phone in the market. At the same time, many people can also be called this hobby.

Understand the difference between change a smartphone

change a smartphone

A phone is very important to show them off: change a smartphone

However, there are some people who buy a phone once and use it for at least two or three years. However, in the midst of all this, there is a need to understand whether changing the smartphone every year is right or not. But before that, we know what the shelf changes a smartphone if of a smartphone.

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Know what is the shelf life of a smartphone: According to experts, the shelf life of a smartphone for any company is 9 months in India. However, traditionally it is 18 months old. First of all, Xiaomi talks about the shelf of their phones is 9 months.
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We are also saying this because often it is seen that the company offers new variants of its Note series in a very short interval. In such a situation, people prefer to buy a new phone due to the upgrade. But if the life of the phones is only 9 months, it can be said to be quite disappointing.

However, some experts say that before that the smartphone market functioned annually. But due to such tight competition in the market, this cycle has been reduced. At the same time, when talking about other OEMs including Micromax, all of them started Quick Launches in a year to compete with Samsung. These companies believe that in this way the company can generate more revenue.

What is the purpose of smartphone maker companies: change a smartphone

If the shelf life of any smartphone is only 9 months or a year, then they also know how beneficial it is for the companies. Tech companies are well aware that if users are offered a new phone by updating some features one after the other, then they will definitely want to buy it.

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If we consider the companies’ timelines, then when they launch a phone, a few days after that, they start working on the upgrade model of the same. Then after 2 to 3 years old models stop giving software updates. In such a situation, when the user stops getting an upgrade in the phone, then it becomes their compulsion that they have to buy a brand new phone.

Is it correct to change your smartphone every year? change a smartphone

According to experts, if a smartphone needs to be replaced every year, it cannot be called a better phone. A smartphone can be said to be good only when its shelf life is at least 2 years or more.

change a smartphone
change a smartphone


At the same time, if we are asked, if there is helplessness, that is, your phone is damaged, then you must change the phone. But if this is only your hobby, then buying a new smartphone every year can spoil your budget. However, no new smartphone is upgraded so much that it costs more money.

Understand the difference between a hobby and need: change a smartphone

We all need to understand what is the difference between the need to change the phone and the hobby. We are not saying that investing in a new smartphone is bad. But if your phone is running well, then it is not right to change the phone. Yes, if your phone is out of date then you can definitely change the phone. By the way, seeing the color, font, size, etc. of any phone, there are no signs of upgrading any phone.