How Cell Phone Impacts Sleep Quality? | when the mobile was taken, then they 5 got restless and sleepless nights


  • Cell Phone Impacts Sleep Quality Smartphone Overuse And Addiction Symptoms

Cell Phone Impacts Sleep Quality

Recent research on mobile is going to alert. Research from King’s College London says, if you are struggling with mobile addiction, then it also disturbs the distance. Due to distance from mobile, people show symptoms like sleeplessness and restlessness. This thing has been revealed in the research conducted on 1,043 mobile users. The age of the users involved in the research was between 18 and 30 years.

Cell Phone Impacts Sleep Quality: 406 out of 1043 are battling mobile addiction

A quarter of the users involved in the research were those who used mobile for at least 3 hours in a day. At the same time, 19 percent were those who were busy in mobile for more than 5 hours daily. Out of 1,043, 406 people were struggling with mobile addiction. These users were not able to reduce the time of using mobile. When the mobile was separated from them, symptoms of discomfort started appearing in them. 57 per cent of the users got sleepless nights.

Try to understand the level of smartphone addition: Cell Phone Impacts Sleep Quality

Samantha Son, a psychologist at King’s College, says, smartphones are becoming such an important part of our lives that it is difficult to separate. Through this study, efforts are being made to tell how bad it is affecting health. Apart from this, efforts are also on to understand the level of smartphone addition.
Psychiatrist Nicole Kalk says, the more we use smartphones, the greater the impact on sleep.

Somewhere because of your mobile addiction, not one of these ..Cell Phone Impacts Sleep Quality.

Fade (Facebook Addiction Disorder):
If you are fond of posting pictures on Facebook continuously and you are always waiting more than your friends’ posts, then it means that Facebook Addiction Disorder dominates you. Because of this, you also rate your pixarch based on the response of other social media users.

Nomophobia: Cell Phone Impacts Sleep Quality

Nomophobia means the fear of losing, not possessing or not being able to use the mobile. If you are worried due to the lack of signal in the phone or the battery is low, then it is a symptom of nomophobia. According to experts, this is a situation where our attachment to the device is harmful.

Selfitis: Cell Phone Impacts Sleep Quality

This is a disorder associated with posting indiscriminate selfies. If you constantly take a selfie and keep it posted on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other social media sites, then you are moving towards this disorder. The term selfitis was discovered in 2014.

IGD (Internet Gaming Disorder): Cell Phone Impacts Sleep Quality

It is important for you to know about IGD if you play hours of candy crush, FIFA online or other games. The desire to play online games excessively and the habit of sending requests to other social media users for the game means that you are suffering from this disorder.

Phantom Vibration Syndrome: Cell Phone Impacts Sleep Quality

Phantom Vibration Syndrome (PVS) is a disorder in which there is always a feeling of vibration without a phone call. This happens even when the phone does not ring. In fact, due to the fear of missing any call or message, we are excessively alert and feel the sound of vibration without any vibration. However, this is not good in terms of mental health.

Fomo (Fear of Missing Out): Cell Phone Impacts Sleep Quality

Fear of missing out means nothing is missed on social media. If you cannot live without checking social media constantly, are always eager to like, comment or share every update on social media and want to do it immediately without taking time, then chances are you are a victim of FOMO .
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