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Test beneath for CBSE Class twelfth Chemistry Time period 2 Reply Key 2022. Test CBSE Class 12 Chemistry paper evaluation with options given beneath.

CBSE Class 12 college students are eagerly ready for the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Time period 2 examination paper options, now the examination is over. Time period 2 Chemistry Class 12 examination was held on Could 7, 2022, and college students reported reasonably tough paper with lengthy case examine questions. Test among the solutions beneath to your verification.

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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Time period 2 Examination 2022: Reply Key / Resolution

Test the next questions requested this yr.

  1. Establish the order of the response from the next unit for its fee fixed?


north. Right here the order of response is zero order response.

  1. The transformation of molecules AB follows second order kinetics. If the focus of A is elevated by thrice, how will it have an effect on the speed of formation of B?

north. For second order kinetics, fee = ok[A]2. If the focus of A is elevated by 3 occasions, then by this formulation the speed of formation of B will increase by 9 occasions the speed of formation of B.

  1. Write the expression for the built-in fee equation for a zero order response.

north. Expression of Built-in Price Equation for Zero-Order Response

A → product is


  1. Organize the next in rising order of the property proven :

a) ethanol, propanone, propanol, butanone (reactivity to nucleophilic addition)

north. +I impact of alkyl group will increase so as

Ethanal < Propanal < Propanone < Butanone

b) 4-nitrobenzoic acid, benzoic acid, 3,4 dinitrobenzoic acid, 4-methoxybenzoic acid (acid energy)

north. The energy of the given acid will increase as 4-methoxy benzoic acid < benzoic acid < 4-nitrobenzoic acid < 3, 4-dinitrobenzoic acid.

  1. Clarify the reactions:

Wolf Kishner response

cannizzaro response

north. Wolf Kishner response There’s an oblique discount of an aldehyde or ketone to a associated hydrocarbon because of the impact of warmth on the hydrozone or semicarbazone spinoff with an alcohol resolution of sodium ethoxide or stable potassium hydroxide.

Cannizzaro response: By definition the Cannizzaro response entails the response of an aldehyde with a caustic base through which one molecule of the aldehyde is diminished to the corresponding alcohol and the opposite molecule is oxidized to a salt of the corresponding acid.

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