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3 How to become a CA course?
3.2 Pass in IPCC Group 2 exam CA course

CA course – Every student aspires to make his own personality, some engineers want to earn a name by becoming a doctor, while some students want to become a CA. If you are one of those students then you need to know…. 

CA course
CA course

how to become a CA course?

 It is very important to study diligently to get any type of education, but this is an area in which your mathematics should be very strong. 

If you are studying Intermediate, then the same question should be how should CA become after 12th BCom and how much is its fee? 

If you have interest in doing this course too, then read this post and take answers to your questions, then start preparing for it. Let us now know what this CA course is and how to prepare it. It is one of the most in demand courses in India. 

It is considered to be a highly reputed profession in which the working people are also given a very good package. 

An accountant performs a variety of tasks such as text, accountancy, financial guide, credit analysis, auditing etc. A good job is one that is reliance proof, that means that there is always a demand for such people, even if there is a recession. 

This category also includes this course whose value is understood by people very well and whose demand can never end in the market. The person working on this post also gets a lot of respect. 

This is a course that is quite popular in India too. But the same people have more interest about it, who enjoy reading the subject related to the account and doing the works covered under it. 

Many children who do not take science after writing the tenth do 10 + 2 with commerce and then later they learn about CA and then they also get interested in them. 

When we go to Delhi and go to the Laxmi Nagar area there, you will see a lot of crowds who study there only with the dream of becoming a chartered accountant. 

If we talk in simple terms of the CA course

it is the job of a chartered accountant to look at the book. In today’s time, there are many big companies who keep a chartered accountants for themselves, who work to give them financial advice. 

This includes many important tasks of the company such as solving problems related to income tax, doing the tasks required for the income tax return, auditing accounts, giving reliable information about financial records, business recovery etc. 

As a Chartered Accountant, you have a wide range of options to work in which include Industries, Financial Sector, as well as Public Sector. Your main objective is to bring maximum benefit to your client or employer. 

How to become a CA course? 

CA Chartered Accountancy is one of the most reputed designations worldwide. To become a qualified CA one needs a lot of focus. In this post, we are now going to tell you what are the basics of its syllabus, as well as you will be able to know how to become a Chartered Accountant ie CA. 

The Chartered Accountancy course and profession in India is regulated by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) New Delhi. 

Here we are going to tell you step by step about how to become a CA. The CA course takes place at four important levels. 

1. Common Proficiency Test (CPT) – General Proficiency Test 

2. Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) / IPCE) – Integrated Professional Competence Course 

3. Three years articleship / training under a Practicing Accountant – 3 years training under a person working as an accountant 

4. C. A Final The requirements to become a Chartered Accountant are as follows: 

Register for CPT After passing the Class 10 examination, register with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for the Common Proficiency Test (CPT). 

Sit and pass the CPT exam After writing 10 + 2 examinations, CPT is sitting in the examination. The examination is conducted on the first day of the month with the Board of Studies after completion of at least 60 days of registration of CPT. 

In which such students who have registered on April 1 or October 1, are eligible to sit in the examination in June or December. 

Register IPCC Before registering for the Register for Integrated Professional Computer Competence Course (IPCC), the candidate must pass both CPT and 10 + 2. 

Registration for the IPCC should be done 9 months from the first day of the month in which the examination is held. There are total 7 papers of IPCC (Group 1 + Group 2). 

In which Group 1 consists of 4 papers and Group 2 consists of 3 papers. It is necessary to pass in Group 1 to start an articleship. ITT and Orientation Successfully completed 100 hours of information technology training.

 Orientation and ITT must be completed before registering for the articleship. It is also necessary to complete a full orientation course of 1 week in 35 hours and cover topics such as personality development, communication skills, office processors

Sit and pass in ipce group 1 exam CA course

You can pass by sitting in Group One or both groups of IPCC.

Pass in IPCC Group 2 exam CA course

You can do Group 2 in the next attempt ie after the Group One effort or during the article ship.

Note: You can register for article ship only when you pass in Group 1.

Register for article ship CA course

When you pass Group 1 or both groups, after that you will have to register as an Artificial Assistant and also have to practice 3 years with a Chartered Accountant.

 Register for Final Course

After having passed both groups of IPCC, register for CA Final Course.

Sit the final exam and pass CA course

During the final 6 years of 3 years CA appeared in the final examination. For this, pass the CA Final exam along with Group 1.

CA course Complete the article

You complete your articulated training for a period of 3 years.

GMCS CA course

After this, you also complete the 15-day General Management and Communication Skills course.

Membership CA course

Enroll as a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and obtain Chartered Accountant Designation.

Subjects taught under CA course

What are the subjects taught under Chartered Accountant, let us know according to the level of the course that which subjects are taught in which level.

Foundation course – CPT

Quantitative aptitude

General english

Mercantile Law

Fundamentals OF Accounting

Business communication

IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course)



Business Laws, Ethics and Communication

Cost Accounting and Financial Management



Advanced Accounting

Auditing and Assurance

Information Technology and Strategy Management

CA Final Examination


Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics

Financial Reporting Strategic Financial Management

Corporate and Allied Laws


Information Systems Control and Audit

Advanced Management Accounting

Direct Tax Laws

Indirect Tax Laws

How much is CA salary?

In our country, the salary of a chartered accountant in India depends on his skill, capability and experience. By the way, the average salary of a chartered accountant in India varies from 6-7 lakh to 30 lakh.

If seen internationally, a person working as an accountant outside India is given around 75 lakhs as a package according to his qualifications.

According to last year’s figures, the average salary of CA in India is around Rs 7.36 lakh. In campus placements conducted by ICAI, rank holders and students who pass in a single exam get more priority than students who talk more effort.

However, there are many candidates who start their practice after 2-3 years of work in reputed firms. If such candidates are good in merit, then they get very high growth.

How old is the CA course

You can do CA course after both 12th and graduation. You will also know the duration for its syllabus. Chartered accountant is one of the most prestigious course in commerce stream but is afraid to take such course due to the long duration of the student.

By thinking this, there is a misconception among the students that it takes much longer than other professional courses. Whereas you point out that its duration increases with the number of prompts.

We are telling you about its court decoration here, which is from entrance exam to last exam.

How many years is CA course after 12th?

CA course

CA course
CA course


CA Foundation 4 months

CA Foundation Result Waiting Period 2 Months

CA Intermediate 8 months

CA Intermediate result waiting period (meanwhile complete ITT and OT) 2.5 months

Articleship training (in the last 6 months C.A final exam is to be written) 3 years

According to the data given above, the total CA course duration after 12th can go up to 4.5 years. This can happen only if you complete the entire course i.e. every level in the first test itself. 

During this time, whenever your attitude increases, then understand that your course duration will increase by 6 months.

CA course duration after graduation

CA can apply for intermediate without talking to the CA level. They have to complete 9 articleship training to appear for the CA Intermediate exam and complete the ITT OT and program before the commencement of such practical training.

Course Duration

ITT and OT program 4 weeks

Articleship Training (Students have to pass the CA Intermediate Examination after completing the last 6 months of this training, May 9 after completing the Articleship Training and CA Finals) 3 years

How much does a CA cost?

Let us now discuss the CA course fees in India in short. Chartered Accountancy is an affordable and most prestigious course in India. Those who are students of commerce stream mostly dream of becoming successful chartered accountants and many even achieve it.

Chartered accountancy is mainly divided into three steps.

CA Foundation

Foundation Registration Fees: 9800

Exam fees: 1500

CA Intermediate

Intermediate Registration fees: 18000

ICITSS fee: 6500

Exam fees: 2700

CA Final

Final course fees: 22000

ICITSS fee: 6500

Exam fees: 2700

What does CA work for?

Managing the financial system and budget

Performing financial audit (audit of any financial organization without any discrimination)

Providing financial advice

Get in touch with clients and provide financial information and advice

Review the company’s system and analyze risk

Test to check financial information and system

Advise clients on tax planning (enabling them to reduce their tax within the current law)

Maintain accounting records and create account management information for small businesses

Advising clients on financial transactions

Counseling clients to bring improvement in business and explain ways to deal with bankruptcy

Detection and handling of fraud is called forensic accounting.

Managing junior colleagues

Make contact with internal and external auditors and plan to deal with any kind of financial errors

Advice on tax and treasury issues

Prepare a financial statement with a monthly and annual account

Negotiate with the supplier.