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Enterprise and Commerce MCQ Questions and Solutions | 30 Essential Goal Questions and Reply PDF

Enterprise and Commerce MCQ:  Right here now we have shared enterprise and commerce mcq questions and solutions/ commerce questions and solutions pdf/ enterprise and commerce goal questions and solutions/mcq quiz on enterprise and commerce questions/ enterprise and commerce GK questions and solutions are given beneath. It helps in free and easy move of products and companies between the producer and buyer. It creates employment alternatives and helps within the progress of business improvement and so forth.  To draw the shopper and to create new demand out there is an principal goal of commerce. Commerce affords extra job alternative in staff. you possibly can have a beautiful handy profession in addition to for Commerce jobs. You may learn the beneath commerce questions fastidiously then choose the only option.

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Learn the Given Under Goal Questions and Reply on Enterprise and Commerce

1. A sound definition of a enterprise goal is to ___________

  1. A. Create a buyer
  2. B. Maximize income
  3. C. Serve the society
  4. D. Enhance the wealth of the agency

Reply: Create a buyer

2. A Joint inventory firm is ruled by _______.

  1. A.  Firms Act 2006
  2. B. Firms Act 1936
  3. C. Firms Act 2013
  4. D. Firms Act 2012

Reply: Firms Act 2013

3. Membership of a co-operative is_________.

  1. A. voluntary
  2. B. not important
  3. C. not obligatory
  4. D. obligatory

Reply: voluntary

4. A nominal companion is ______

  1. A. not chargeable for the acts of different companions
  2. B. not in a position to third events
  3. C. By insolvency of any of the companion
  4. D. not entitled to share the income of the priority

Reply: not entitled to share the income of the priority

5. When a partnership is dissolved?

  1. A. By mutual consent
  2. B. In any case of demise of any of the companion
  3. C. By insolvency of any of the companion
  4. D. Not one of the above

Reply: In any case of demise of any of the companion

6. Who’s dormant companion?

  1. A. One who takes no energetic half in enterprise
  2. B. Minor companion
  3. C. A working companion
  4. D. Associate for income

Reply: One who takes no energetic half in enterprise

7.  Which of the next shouldn’t be a producing trade?

  1. A. Fruit canning
  2. B. Iron and metal works
  3. C. Flour Mills
  4. D. Mining

Reply: Mining

8. The legal responsibility of members of a co-operative society is _________.

  1. A.  restricted to the quantity of paid up worth of the capital held
  2. B. restricted to the quantity of nominal worth of capital held
  3. C. Restricted
  4. D. limitless

Reply: Restricted

9. Dividend on desire capital might be paid _________.

  1. A. solely when share holders suggest
  2. B. solely when there are income
  3. C. solely when administrators suggest
  4. D. even when there aren’t any income

Reply: solely when administrators suggest

10. _________ shouldn’t be an financial exercise.

  1. A. A pupil enjoying cricket
  2. B. A lawyer practising legislation
  3. C. A physician practising
  4. D. Knowledgeable cricketer enjoying cricket

Reply: A pupil enjoying cricket

11. A Firm is known as a synthetic individual as a result of _________.

  1. A. It doesn’t have the form of a pure individual
  2. B. It’s invisible and intangible
  3. C. It can’t be used within the courtroom of legislation
  4. D.  It exists solely in contemplation of legislation

Reply: It’s invisible and intangible

12. The legal responsibility of shareholders of a public firm is restricted to the____________

  1. A.  paid up worth of shares
  2. B. nominal worth of shares
  3. C. extent of their personal property
  4. D. accounts referred to as up

Reply:  paid up worth of shares

13. Sole-trade group can be referred to as as __________

  1. A. Joint inventory firm
  2. B. Partnership
  3. C. Particular person proprietorship
  4. D. Co-operative society

Reply: Particular person proprietorship

14. The partnership entity is __________.

  1. A. authorized entity
  2. B. neither entity nor accountable entity
  3. C. authorized entity and accountable entity
  4. D.  authorized entity and accountable entity

Reply:  authorized entity and accountable entity

15. Which of the next is an extractive trade?

  1. A. Forest cultivation
  2. B. Cattle breeding
  3. C. Looking
  4. D. Flour mills

Reply: Looking

16. The minimal variety of shareholders in a public restricted firm is_________

  1. A. 2
  2. B. 3
  3. C. 7
  4. D. 5

Reply: 7

17. The first perform of an workplace is _______.

  1. A. remuneration personnel
  2. B. finishing up the administration insurance policies
  3. C. safeguarding of authority means
  4. D. making, utilizing and preserving information

Reply: making, utilizing and preserving information

18. A personal firm ought to have not less than _________ members.

  1. A. 2
  2. B. 7
  3. C.10
  4. D. 35

Reply: 2

19. What is known as to purchasing of shares by taking cash from brokers?

  1. A.  Curb dealing
  2. B. Margin buying and selling
  3. C. Badla
  4. D. Ahead

Reply: Margin buying and selling

20. The first intention of co-operative is to ________.

  1. A. earn extra income
  2. B.  elevate manufacturing
  3. C. serve the members
  4. D. elevate more cash

Reply: serve the members

21. Enterprise means ___________

  1. A. Promoting and shopping for of products
  2. B. Business and commerce
  3. C. Commerce and commerce
  4. D. Commerce

Reply: Business and commerce

22. When SEBI got here into power?

  1. A. 1990
  2. B. 1991
  3. C. 1993
  4. D. 1992

Reply: 1992

23. Indexing is a vital ________.

  1. A. technique of sustaining account books
  2. B. support to submitting
  3. C. technique of sustaining statistical e-book
  4. D. technique of submitting

Reply: technique of sustaining account books

24. Members of Bombay inventory alternate are unofficially labeled into___________

  1. A. brokers and tarawaniwalas
  2. B. brokers and jobbers
  3. C. there is no such thing as a such classification of members of inventory alternate
  4. D. jobbers and tarawaniwalas

Reply: brokers and tarawaniwalas

25. Dealings in inventory exchanges could be achieved by public ONLT __________.

  1. A. instantly
  2. B. via brokers
  3. C. instantly or via brokers
  4. D. solely by company homes

Reply:  via brokers

26. A speculator who applies for brand new share is ________.

  1. A. lame duck
  2. B. jobber
  3. C. center man
  4. D.  a stag

Reply:  a stag

27. Financial institution overdraft is an effective supply of finance for _________.

  1. A. Medium time period
  2. B. Long run
  3. C. Brief time period
  4. D. Brief and long run

Reply:  Brief time period

28. Which of the next corporations might situation share warrants?

  1. A.  Firms restricted by assure
  2. B. Public restricted corporations
  3. C. Non-public restricted corporations
  4. D. Belief

Reply: Public restricted corporations

29. Which of the next shouldn’t be an possession safety?

  1. A. Choice shares
  2. B. Fairness shares
  3. C. Debentures
  4. D. None

Reply: Debentures

30. A partnership agency can not elevate funds by __________.

  1. A. debentures
  2. B. financial institution mortgage
  3. C. companion capital
  4. D. Associate mortgage

Reply: debentures

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