What is the best position to eat food? | Is standing and eating food harmful to your health? | 3 happens when you constantly eat food

Best position to eat food: Why should you not lie down and eat or talk while eating?

The custom of sitting on the ground and eating food is very old in Indian traditions. There is a trend of sitting and feeding in community festivals and events too. But as time changed, people started avoiding it. And she was replaced by Buffet and Standing Dining System. Not only this, people have started standing and eating food in their homes and offices. But does it make any difference to your health? Let’s try to find out.
Best position to eat food

Know how your posture affects your digestion: best position to eat food

The posture you adopt while eating affects your ability to digest food. Because food empties more slowly from the stomach than when a person is sitting or lying down. The exact causes are not fully known, but gravity also plays a role in this process.

Best position to eat food: who sit or lie down immediately after a meal

A study published in The Journal of Consumer Research compared the digestive speed of people who sit or lie down immediately after a meal. It was seen that those who lay down took about 22 minutes more to digest their food, rather than those who remained seated. On the other hand, those who stood up and kept on moving around digested their food the quickest.

Then what is the benefit of standing and eating? Best position to eat food

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Some people believe that standing while eating can help in losing weight, but this is not the case at all.
Even though standing can burn about 50 calories more than sitting, it is not necessarily so. Rather, eating slowly can reduce hunger and increase feelings of fullness and can be helpful in reducing the total number of calories during a meal.
Also, sitting for food also helps the brain register that you have eaten “real food”. Eating food while standing can increase your eating speed, due to which you can consume more calories.

What happens when you constantly eat food: Best position to eat food

Digestive system problem
It takes a long time to digest food by standing and eating. Along with this, standing and eating can make you more hungry and you can eat more. Eating in this way can reduce digestive power.
Indigestion problem
By standing and eating food, the intestines of the stomach do not digest food quickly, which causes indigestion problems. Standing and eating can cause gas and bloating problems. In this posture, the body does not get all the nutrients, because the food does not reach the stomach properly.
Bad posture
Standing and eating food spoils the body’s posture. When we stand and eat food, sometimes we start bending too much. If we do this every day, then it can have an effect on the spinal cord. Therefore, always eat only in the posture of happiness.