प्रमुख अंतरराष्ट्रीय रेखाए

main worldwide line

1. Identify of the road – Durand Rekha (Durand Rekha)
center center –
^ Sir Martimer Durand in 1886.

2. Identify of the road – McMahon Line (McMahon Line)
Central Central – India and the Chinese language
1120 sq. Just like the markers Mohamed stated. However settle for.

3. Identify of the road – Crimson Clef Rekha (Redcliffe Line)
Seaside Seaside – India
1947 by Sir Cyral Cleef, Chairman of the India-Border Fee.

4. Identify of the Line – seventeenth Line (seventeenth Parallel)
Center center class wig
was betting on a profitable deal.

5. Line Identify – twenty fourth Line (twenty fourth Parallel)
Seaside Seaside – India

6. Line Identify – 38 Line Line (thirty eighth Parallel)
mid center – north south course
rurada ko do do kana mein mein hai hai hai

7. Line Identify – 49 Line Row (forty ninth Parallel)
mid – center and
Shares within the US and Canada.

8. Identify of the Line – Singing Strip Line (Hindenburg Line)
center center –
Within the First World Battle, he withdrew from the German military.2,2K07:17 pm

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