नर-नारी एक समान पर निबंध | Nar Nari Ek Saman Par Nibandh

Female and male alike Essay on Male Feminine Equal | Essay on female and male equal in Hindi | Female and male alike Hindi Essay on Male Feminine Equal | essay on female and male equal in hindi

Man and girl are two wheels of a motorbike. Referring to the social-solution acceptable to residing life for one. If any certainly one of these wheels turns into weak or faulty, then the method of growth of a society-like car will cease. Male ferhar the envy of life, then the male kherya. The consolation of sitting at house’s happiness, peace and invitation solely. Homa-Lakshmi, House-goddess, fellow-righteous, Ardhangini and so forth. to the girl. Manu has written in Manusmriti ‘Yatra naryastu pujyante, ramante tatra deity’ everlasting residence.

In historic instances, data was understood as a password. He was not in any subject. , Some girls additionally work effectively in writing. Earth’s potential, as sharp because the Solar, is characterised by high-quality sea high quality, high-quality high quality. Maitre, Shakuntala, Ta, Anasuya, Damayanti, Savitri, Chargi and so forth.

With the altering instances of the altering instances, there can be a change within the place of the change. He lives in a state of luxuries and has his character in his character.

It was up to date once more to alter and replace many societies like Raja Rammohun Roy, Maharishi Dayanand and so forth. Sati grew to become Pramatta, Bal Parivad, Re-marriage and Vidya-marriage. After independence, Indian girls should share the western to get the rights. Get rights like immediately’s system.

Large potential has proved that he’s ‘abala’ ‘sabala’ by the flexibility of his capacity; Not dependent, self-supporting; It’s an object of delight for males. It’s the cornerstone of social life.

Science, drugs, drugs, science, social service, enterprise, enterprise, administration, policing, military, all these are scientists and scientists within the occasion of disturbances. Female and male are alike. The ‘Worldwide Yr of Ladies’ of 1975 was ready for studying the virtues of girls.

Together with being stored below the supervision of immediately’s ta-ta, the employees additionally takes care of it. Being able to being able to being able to being succesful of having the ability, it may be properly proved {that a} man and a piece are the identical.

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